Steppy Pants

Steppy Pants, the most realistic walking simulator you'll play this year!
Keep your cool when faced with insurmountable odds, like reckless drivers and an inexplicable inability to step on sidewalk cracks.
You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll remember just how much fun you can have walking down the street.​
We've been playing this game non-stop for months and it still makes us chortle!

Made with love by @stephen_last and @shathatron​

S Games Pty Ltd
Last Update
November 28, 2016
4.3/5 ( 30,346 )

Update notes

Welcome to A Very Steppy Holiday!

Rooftops are the new streets in an all-new adventure! Walk across the skyline of Steppy City, picking up presents and dropping them off in chimneys. Of course, you can slip on ice, fall off the roof, or (GASP) disappoint children with a lame gift.

We've also included eight new characters - three in a pack (Santa, Snowman and Present), four in the prize machine (including Reindeer, Elf) and one for stepping in the new level (New Year’s Eve Party Person).

Remember How Much Fun You Can Waking

Remember the good ol' days when you used to walk around everywhere and had so much fun? Okay, maybe it wasn't the greatest fun in the world, but when you play Steppy Pants on Mac and PC, you can bring a whole new level of fun to your walks. Play through a series of challenging walkways and avoid obstacles like cracks, cars, and lava. Walk as far as you can without failing. As you walk on, you will unlock new characters and accessories that enable you to create your very own unique Steppy Pants walker. Unlock new achievements and walk to the ends of the Earth. Play Steppy Pants on your computer or laptop with the free BlueStacks 2 player. The wonderful world of walking awaits you.

Twitch and BlueStacks Have Joined Forces

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