Dentist Mania: Doctor X Clinic

Be the best dentist at this crazy fun office! Treat patients with professional doctor tools like syringes, dental tweezers, laughing gas and more! Play fun-filled mini games to earn coins and buy awesome toys at the gift shop!
This dentist’s office is so much fun!

Doctor X, these patients need your help! Treat patients with style! Choose from 4 adorable patients and let the doctor fun begin! Treat patients at the office with crazy cool doctor tools like mouth spray, dental pliers and braces! Brush dirty teeth, pull teeth, fight bacteria, style & straighten teeth with braces and so much more! Show off your style with colorful braces! You can even use laughing gas and watch the patients’ crazy hilarious reactions!

You’ve never been to a dentist’s office like this in your life! Check out awesome mini games like the X-ray Machine Puzzle and Make Your Own Toothpaste! Use the coins you earned while playing to buy prizes at the gift shop! Who knew being a dentist was such a blast?!

> Tap to select from 4 adorable patients!
> Treat patients with crazy dentist tools like syringes, tweezers, laughing gas & more!
> Fight bacteria to prevent tooth decay!
> Style your teeth with colorful braces!
> Select ingredients to make your own toothpaste!
> Earn coins as you treat patients and complete dentist activities at the office!
> Use coins to buy toys, candy and crazy coloring pages at the Gift Shop!

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August 29, 2016
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Stop Fearing the Dentist and Start Being the Dentist

In the real world, far too many people fear going to the dentist. In the digital world, we can overcome this fear by becoming the dentist. In the crazy Android game Dentist Mania: Doctor X Clinic, it is up to you to treat a variety of patients with their oral needs. At your disposal are tools styled after real-world counterparts like laughing gas, dental tweezers, and even syringes. To complete each oral challenge, you will need to complete fun mini-games. These games include X-ray Machine Puzzle and Make Your Own Toothpaste. As you treat the patients that come into your office, you will earn coins that you can use to trade in for prizes at the gift shop. Try to collect them all, if you can. Enjoy the addictive fun of the dentist office when you play Dentist Mania: Doctor X Clinic on PC or Mac.

Even Better Than a Trip to the Dentist

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