Vua Pha Hoai

Welcome to VUA PHÁ HOẠI!

The name says it all, since all you have to do is DESTROY every single islands – properties of anyone you want to. Be the first VUA PHÁ HOẠI to write your name in the glorious history.

No matter they are your friends or relative, there’s just one thing to keep in your mind, attack and destroy everything in front of your eyes. Destroy these islands, rob their money, build your islands in the most intelligent strategy with genius defense organization.

Your special mission is: To BUILD a chain of island empire and attack other players before they can achieve their goal as yours.

And there’s one more thing can’t be forgotten, you have to rob other player’s money as much as you can, build your own island, destroy other’s properties. HOWEVER, be careful since they can take REVENGE anytime.

NOW you’re officially joining in this historical war. Behold to witness the very first VUA PHÁ HOẠI in millions of warriors.

VUA PHÁ HOẠI is a multi-platform game made by Vietnamese crew. Fun, freedom, various interaction, awesome graphics and TOTALLY FREE!

Don’t forget to connect with Facebook and invite your friends to join in. Your name might become the most thing they mention all day long. Wanna know why? Just join VUA PHÁ HOẠI to find out.

- Totally free multi-platform game
- Free to play, build islands, develop your own works
- Impressive 3D graphics with interesting cut-scenes
- Attack, defense, rob from friends or other players all over the world
- Don’t sleep while your friend’s still attacking! Constantly join in to receive free spin
- Chance to turn lucky cards everyday
- One spin says it all!! Build – Attack – Defense - Rob
- It all depends on your luck and the most intelligent strategy
- Hundreds of works and various islands coming from famous culture
- It’s so good to be bad! The more you destroy, the more interesting the game is

VUA PHÁ HOẠI is a 100% free Vietnamese mobile game, however you can help yourself to speed up on the journey to become a king by applying VIP function in cashshop. But, it also depends on the smartest and luckiest player.

Any problems? Ask for more functions? We always RESPECT our players. Contact us anytime you want at [email protected]

**Note: Connecting to Internet is needed for joining this game.

Nhà phát triển ứng dụng
CMN Online
Thể loại
Trò chơi điện tử
Last Update
4.1/5 ( 3062 )

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Bất kể là bạn bè hay người thân, hãy tấn công tất cả, phá hoại mọi thứ bạn nhìn thấy. Hủy diệt các hòn đảo, nẫng tiền từ người chơi khác, tổ chức phòng thủ và xây dựng những hòn đảo của bạn theo một chiến lược thông minh nhất.