Play Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense on PC

Last Update
December 12, 2016
4.5/5 ( 581,428 )
Play Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense on PC 23

Fight for the Throne on Your PC

The highly anticipated sequel to one of the most popular battle strategy games in the Google Play store finally comes to your home on PC and Mac. Play Royal Revolt 2 on Mac and PC to continue your fight for the throne against millions of real-world players. Build your kingdom, conquer your opponents, and rule the world in Royal Revolt 2.

Awesome 3D graphics grab players right away as your adventure continues. Many have been called to fight for the throne, but only one may claim it for his own. Defend your castle from incoming enemies and build deadly mazes for them to tackle. In Royal Revolt 2, YOU are in control of the battlefield and your ultimate victory or bloody defeat. The easy to use controls make Royal Revolt 2 accessible to players of all skill levels and the cute and well-designed characters and graphics will grab them early on.

It will take more than just brawn as you battle for the title in Royal Revolt 2.

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