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December 22, 2016
4.2/5 ( 1,895,163 )
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Join Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man on an All-New Adventure

Play through an action-packed storyline that seems ripped right out from the pages of Marvel Comics. The Sinister Six are at it again. This time, the team of supervillains has opened a portal in New York City to allow even more sinister versions of themselves to wreak havoc on our world. After these evil-doers are done invading other dimensions, it is time for our world to fight for its survival. Join an army of Spider-Men from more than 50 years of comics as you work together to bring down the Sinister Six and continue to fight for the freedom of our world. More than just an endless runner/swinger, Spider-Man Unlimited actually has a narrative that will keep players coming back to defeat the forces of evil and save New York.

Spider-Man is Unleashed on Twitch Users

The Daily Bugle reports that the notorious Spider-Man has been spotted swinging around the community. Visitors have claimed to have seen live broadcasts featuring Spider-Man games throughout the years streamed on Twitch. The community is asking for your help in this matter. By using the new BlueStacks 3 to broadcast Spider-Man Unlimited, you are showing Spidey's skills to the entire world and even grabbing some tips from more experienced players. Join Twitch to follow other players, keep an eye on your favorite titles, and meet Spider-Man Unlimited fans all the way around the world.