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October 26, 2016
4.4/5 ( 1,619,410 )
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The Furry Critters Have Gone Mad

Your swamp cottage has always been a place of relaxation, mostly because nobody likes you or the swamp, but recently, things have gotten a bit crazy. the animals that live in the lands around your home are going savage and attacking your home. These zombie creatures will stop at nothing to get through your home and to your delicious brains.

To thwart their attacks, you will have a huge arsenal of upgradeable weapons to unlock and cause mayhem with. Defend your home with several defense types, but be sure to upgrade those defenses as time progresses. The hungry zombies will only become more vicious.

There are hundreds of solo missions just waiting for you to challenge them across eight different episodes. Increase the challenge by taking opponents in the multiplayer arena and see who is the ultimate swamp defender. These critters know no mercy, so you can't either. Play Swamp Attack on PC and Mac right now by clicking the link above.

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