Play Walking War Robots on PC

Pixonic LLC
Last Update
December 11, 2016
4.5/5 ( 1,217,945 )
Play Walking War Robots on PC 20

The Future of War Is Here

In the future, mankind has continued to perfect the art of killing and destruction. When a worldwide war breaks out, men and women pilot great war machines to do battle. Step inside one of these great war machines when you play War Robots on PC or Mac. The battles are many and the challenges are even greater, but as a lifelong soldier, that means nothing to you.

This is what you have been trained for.

This is what you live for.

Fight with and upgrade more than twenty different war machines and robots, each one with unique abilities, weapons, and defenses. Create or join a clan to fight alongside loyal allies and take the world by storm. With at least twenty different weapon types – from energy guns to plasma guns – there is sure to be an exciting way to kill your enemies. Fight for victory and if you're lucky, you may earn the Best Pilot title.

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