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June 5, 2017
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Fly To the Stars With Astro Boy!

Every child dreams of traveling to space and flying amongst the stars. Finally, every child can enjoy a fun and thrilling trip through outer space with the new Astro Boy app in the Google Play store.

Astro Boy is the fun game for the whole family that gives everyone a chance to reach the stars and explore far away planets. Play Astro Boy on your computer with your kids to watch them soar through space and collect brightly colored stars as they land on distant planets. Astro Boy is a great game for the whole family to play because it's simple enough to learn for kids, but it still gives a bit of a challenge so your kids are interested and learning.

Show Earthlings the View From Deep Space

This is your chance to not only explore outer space with your child but to also begin a new hobby together. Every day, gamers of all ages and skill levels are turning to video game broadcasting to pass the time, interact with other players, and show off their favorite games. When you download the free BlueStacks 3 player, you can start streaming Astro Boy to the masses with the simple click of a button. This one-click access to broadcast Astro Boy to huge platforms like and Facebook Live will give you and your child something you can do together without spending any extra money on equipment. Bring your family closer together with the new and improved BlueStacks 3.