Play Fidget Spinner on PC

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June 29, 2017
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Play Fidget Spinner on PC 17

The Hottest Trend In Your Pocket

Fidget spinners have taken the world by storm, but being able to grab one can be tough with so many selling out. Stop trying to beat your friends to the store when you can play Fidget Spinner on PC and Mac.

Download the coolest app in the Google Play store and you will be spinning your very own fidget spinner in no time. As you enjoy your time with your new fidget spinner, you can try to unlock new designs and shapes to keep you spinning for hours.

Play the Fidget Spinner game and you have five turns to make the best spin you can. The more you spin, the closer you get to new fidget spinners. Play Fidget Spinner and you can use your mouse and keyboard to help make amazing spins.

Challenge Your Friends to Fidget Spin-Off

With the latest version of our free BlueStacks player – the mighty BlueStacks 4 – you can now easily stream your favorite Android games and apps to massive online platforms all over the world. With simple to learn and use one-click controls, anyone in the family can start streaming Fidget Spinner to players all over the world through social media networks like and Facebook Live. Start broadcasting your live video game footage as a way of showing off your mad fidget spinning skills, challenge others users to beat your best spins, or to simply meet new people and make some new friends that love fidget spinners, too.