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Last Update
August 27, 2017
4.1/5 ( 112,508 )
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You Are the Creator In This World

In the world of Max Craft, you are in charge of EVERYTHING. Explore a vast island full of mystery, lush green vegetation, and gorgeous streams and rivers. Beyond the beauty though, something may be lurking in the darkness of the forests. Max Craft: Pocket Edition gives you multiple roles as you find a way to survive on this mysterious island by creating, building, and using a variety of tools and weapons. This cubic world-building game raises the bar for all free games in the Play Store with nice texture, high resolution, and high FPS rates. Play Max Craft: Pocket Edition on your Mac and PC to explore a new world that you can create yourself. Enjoy multiple game modes including Survival Mode and live out your days in the beauty that is your new island home in Max Craft: Pocket Edition.

Stream Your World To the Real World

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