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August 19, 2015
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The Road to Rock Stardom Takes Hard Work

We've all dreamt of rockin' out before a sold-out stadium. The rush of playing our music to thousands of screaming fans fills our body as our fingers strum across the guitar at lightning-fast speeds. Stop dreaming and start rocking with Rock Mania on your PC or Mac. This addictive, rhythm-based game puts you in the hot seat as you attempt to play some of the most challenging riffs of any music game. Hit the right colored chords as the music plays to make your fans squeal with delight. Pay attention because it won;t be long before your simple songs become rock operas with more challenging chords and progressions. More than just a great music-based game, Rock Mania features awesome art and character designs that make even the most casual gamer stand up and take notice. Play through more than thirty pre-recorded tracks or use your own mp3 tracks as you rise to rock idol status.