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Last Update
July 20, 2017
4.2/5 ( 3,146 )
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A Classic Card Game For a New Generation

The official mobile game of the hit card game Spot It!

The world-renowned symbol-matching card game that has entranced people for years now comes to your Mac, PC, and Android devices. Play against other Spot It! fans from all over the world in short, yet very intense, symbol-matching duels. To help you along the way, you will meet and unlock and a whole cast of any characters called Dobbles. Each Dobble has its own special powers and unique personality. Use these powers to score bonus points against your opponents and make your way up the ranks. As you power up, you will face more challenging opponents and win even greater rewards. Special events and limited time specials will help you make the most of your Dobbles and become the ultimate Spot It! champion.

Gotta Broadcast Every Match With BlueStacks 4

The greatest feature of the new and improved BlueStacks 4 player is the ability to stream your favorite Android games and apps to the world with ease. By simply pressing one little button, your computer becomes a video game broadcasting center that gives you the chance to add your voice to a growing global gaming conversation. More than that, streaming Spot It! Duel to major online networks like Facebook Live and is a great way to make new friends and find new ways of enjoying your favorite digital card game.