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December 29, 2016
4.3/5 ( 22,912 )
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A Digger's Work is Never Done

In these tough times, everybody is doing what they can to make ends meet. One special digger has a line on some hot treasure, but it's buried way beneath the Earth. Begin your search for jewels, treasures, crates, and more by digging your mine as deep as possible. Along the way, collect the hidden treasures and chests you find along the way. Dig carefully, though. The area is riddled with boulders set to fall when disturbed and dangerous creatures and monsters. Play through a series of randomly generated maps and unlock new weapons, traps, and pick axes as you collect riches from the Earth. The more you dig and collect, the higher you will climb up the leaderboards. Challenge your friends and see who has the best digging skills around. Play Dig Out! on Mac and PC with BlueStacks 4.

Dig Your Way Through the Twitch Community

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