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Role Playing
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April 2, 2018
4.5/5 ( 1008 )
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Unify the whole world!

드래곤삼국지 is a strategy RPG with a touch of a comic feel. However, don’t be mistaken. Your task here is serious and you carry a heavy load on your shoulders. You’re in charge of unifying the whole world. In other words, you are the only hope, and everybody is counting on your skills and success in finding the dragon egg and turning yourself into a great king. Play 드래곤삼국지 on PC and MAC and complete the quests with endless content through night and day, defend your kingdom from raids, unify forces with other users, crash your opponents and stand your ground, giving your people a fighting chance! Download 드래곤삼국지 on PC and enjoy the high-quality with easy to use strategies. Do you have what it takes to be a great monarch? 드래곤삼국지 is your chance to prove it!

Stream your legacy as king

Remember when gamers would reunite to watch the best players take on their favorite titles? Sadly, those days are gone, but BlueStacks is bringing social back! Now you can broadcast your performance in 드래곤삼국지 in real time, at any time, with just one click! Turn yourself into the main character of this incredible RPG, get captivating viewers to cheer for you and show your own fans your best moments. Stream your brilliant skills through Twitter or Facebook Live, crave your name in history and create a game community for players. Play D드래곤삼국지 on PC and share your gaming experience, meet new people and learn new tricks with BlueStacks!