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Game Dreamer MY
Role Playing
4,5/5 ( )
Last Update October 26, 2018
An Open World Adventure Of Hope

A peaceful land that was once bubbling with happy people and prosperity for all is now under attack from dark forces. For so long, the people of this magical land have lived at one with the nature that surrounds them. Contracts can be made between man and nature to allow for special powers and responsibilities, and this is the goal of a great many people in this land of calm and zen. Under the surface, there was something brewing, and it’s about to burst through.

Play 希望傳說 on PC and Mac to enter this magical world and experience a tale unlike any you’ve lived before. Be transformed into a great warrior, fighting for the people and lands you know and love. Become a spiritual leader and work to grow your might and power. Along the way, make friends, find pets, and defeat hordes of dreaded creatures.

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