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May 18, 2017
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Buld Dungeons for Profit and Fun

Now Hiring – Gold Production Manager at Dungeon, Inc.

Responsibilities include maximizing profits at any cost. Here at Dungeon, Inc, we pride ourselves on being the dungeon company that will do anything it takes to make more and money. No idea is too evil and no plan is too underhanded.

Play Dungeon, Inc. on Mac and PC and you can soon be the Gold Production manager for Dungeon, Inc. This highly sought after position includes plenty of responsibilities, such as fire insurance fraud, theft of other players' dungeons, and the hiring of despicable creatures of all shapes and sizes. Start with on measly dungeon, but quickly work your way up the corporate ladder and open a whole slew of evil dungeons. Hire monsters and deadly creatures to protect your dungeons from the Tax Man and other players.

Do you have the evil leadership skills to make it all the way to the bottom? Play Dungeon, Inc. on your computer and find out today.

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