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Noodlecake Studios Inc
Last Update
July 7, 2017
4.5/5 ( 1,223 )
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Prove You Aren't Some Punk On the Street!

If you think you're a real shot caller, then play Bouncy Hoops and show the streets why you're the best. Bouncy Hoops is crazy and addicting sports game to challenge the best of the best and send the rest home crying to the mamas!

Play Bouncy Hoops on PC and Mac to see what's setting the Android market on fire. Make your way through a variety of different courts with moving hoops and other challenges that will make sure you aren't some punk on the street. The super-simple controls via your mouse and keyboard make playing Bouncy Hoops fun and accessible for everyone. This is your chance to take over the streets with your mad skills on the court. Play Bouncy Hoops on your computer and rule the game!