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December 5, 2017
4.6/5 ( 121,496 )
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Everyone's Flipping Over This Hot Title

All over the world, gamers are simply losing their stuff over this hot new game to hit the Android store. Flip Master is a trick-performing, death-defying, high-flying good time that sees you flipping and twisting on trampolines all over the world. Play Flip Master on your computer to experience a custom physics engine and always entertaining animated ragdoll physics as you attempt to be trampoline master. Jump and flip your way through a number of exciting locales as you defy the laws of physics and prove your worth. Customize a number of jumpers including – the ninja – as you unlock new tricks and skills. Watch for crazy power-ups that will give your jumper an extra boost to hit that killer move. Record and share your best moves or most epic fails with your friends via social media and one-click video game broadcasting controls.

So Many Ways To Share the Fun

The best part of any game is being able to share the fun with your friends. When we were younger, this included a lot of late night sleepovers with our friends as we tackled the toughest games of the time. Today, we may not have the time for late night gaming parties anymore, but thanks to the new and improved BlueStacks 4 app for PC and Mac, we can easily share all of our best and worst gaming moments with the entire world. When you change the game with the free BlueStacks player, you now have access to one-click video game broadcasting controls, making this the easiest way to share all of your Android games and apps.