App Review: Autodesk Pixlr

There are so many different image editing apps out there but which should you use!? Here is a review for one of my favorite image editing apps to use on Bluestacks.

Autodesk Pixlr. The name of the app is a little long in my opinion, but so is the list of effects this thing has! In AP, there are various filters to choose from and a great feature is that the filters are organized into categories. Among all the typical effects you normally see in other basic image editing apps, AP’s  “double exposure” is a neat one.  Double Exposure is basically laying two pictures on top of each other and the opacity of each image can be toggled with. All the effects have an opacity or strength option just much like how Instagram is now. There are also default overlays the app has that you can lay on top of your image rather than selecting another feature that Instagram does not have.

Something else I like about Autodesk Pixlr is the “Heal” option. It erases lines and blends the colors in the spot you use it on. It’s a very Photoshop-esque feature. Pretty advanced for a image editing tool meant for mobile use only.

The only downside to this app is that I do not really like the stickers. They are pretty lame because they’re kind of cheesy and overdone. I didn’t see anything I would really use..but then again I don’t use stickers often so this does not really affect my opinion of the app.

Here is a photo I found on my desktop and used Autodesk Pixlr to make a few minor edits:

IMG_1074 pic2


Nothing too drastic. I just used one of the with about 30-40 opacity level, blurred some things and added a little bit of a vignette effect. Nothing too crazy but the app did what I wanted it to do. Made the photo a little dreamy and nostalgic and definitely more delicious looking. If I had spent more time to explore all the different type of effects on with a landscape photo it would probably take me an hour or 2!

-When using Autodesk Pixlr on Bluestacks don’t forget to to “send [your photo] to Windows” instead of hitting “Save Photo”.
-You can also use this program by downloading it directly from their website, but downloading it through Bluestacks helped me avoid signing up and making an account which is a huge bonus for me.

Overall a nice app –ample effects, and does not kill the quality of your photos.  No annoying ads and it’s a great way to edit your photos on a bigger screen rather than your tiny phone without taking up all that space on your phone nor killing your battery 🙂

App Review: Autodesk Pixlr