Best Games To Play On BlueStacks: Part 1

Best Games To Play On BlueStacks: Part...

The benefits of playing Android games through BlueStacks are quite a lot: You can use keyboard and mouse controls, play at a much higher resolution, and do everything you can on your PC in Android games too. Well, do you know what games you can play most efficiently with all these advantages? According to their categories, here is the list of best games which will give you the best experience on BlueStacks: You can start playing them right now.



Best Battle Royale Games To Play On BlueStacks

Let’s face it, TPS (third-person shooter) games are designed to be played with the keyboard and mouse. With touch controls, you cannot play these games efficiently. No matter how talented you are, the touch controls will restrict your skills and prevent you from being effective in the battlefield. First of all, you cannot aim freely: The players in these games are forced to stand still while shooting. Because you cannot both move and shoot at the same time, everyone “stops” during combat, shoots blind, and hopes for the best. Moreover, multi-tasking is almost impossible: If you open the map, it will cover the entire screen. Opening and closing your inventory is a problem in itself. Things you can easily do with a few keystrokes on the keyboard turn into a struggle on mobile devices.

BlueStacks allows you to get rid of all these problems. You can continue to use the keyboard and mouse, as you always do. Use the right button to aim, left to shoot, it’s that simple. Assign a separate key to each function and easily switch between weapons or use any item in your inventory quickly. Stay in motion during the combat and ensure that all your shots are “headshots”. In short, BlueStacks ensures that your personal skills are used in the most efficient manner on the battlefield in all Battle Royale games.



So, what are the most popular Battle Royale Games to play on BlueStacks in order to get the best results?




As you are probably aware, PUBG is now one of the most played mobile games. This is not surprising, since its PC version has been one of the most purchased games for years. PUBG is not the game that invented the Battle Royale genre, but it sure made it popular. Even big developers have had to change their plans: Epic Games, for example, decided to turn Fortnite into a Battle Royale game soon after the launch. If there are dozens of games that use the same mechanics today, we owe it to PUBG.



PUBG is a game based on classic Battle Royale mechanics. We can even say that it is the game that invented these mechanics! 100 players jump from a plane and when they land, they start searching for weapons and armor, which they use to kill each other. The goal is to be the last surviving player. A round can last very short or quite long, depending on the number of players and the status of the combat. The playground is quite large, but there is a mechanic used to force the players to stay on the move: The safe zone. A white circle marks the safe zone in the playground. You always have to stay inside this circle, otherwise, you die. The circle itself is also dynamic and constantly changing places. So forget about staying still in one place for a long time: The game keeps you constantly on the move.




So, why is it advantageous to play this game on BlueStacks? With the xPack feature, BlueStacks offers a special control scheme for all Battle Royale games. So you do not have to make any configuration at all: The default controls are designed as a WASD scheme that is often used in PC games, and you can continue to play as you always do without the need for an adaptation process. Mobile players have more than 20 points to touch on the screen. BlueStacks users, on the other hand, can use the assigned keyboard keys for each function, and aim & shoot with their mouse comfortably. You can get all the benefits mentioned above in PUBG and you do not even need to have any technical knowledge.



Playing PUBG on BlueStacks is no different than playing the PC version and offers almost the same experience. Moreover, since the mobile version is more optimized, there are no chronic problems like the FPS drops in the PC version. There are players who are switching from the PC version to the mobile version of the game just to get a smoother gameplay! PUBG is the game that will give you the most enjoyable Battle Royale experience on BlueStacks.



Download PUBG Mobile on BlueStacks

Battle Royale Alternatives: Free Fire and Rules of Survival

PUBG is not the only option in the Battle Royale category. There are many games that have been released before PUBG and Free Fire & Rules of Survival are the most popular of them. There is no difference in terms of basic game mechanics: You are still trying to be the last player to survive.




However, these games offer simpler gameplay and more fun combat mechanics for beginners. PUBG is a “realistic” game: You have to learn all the weapons, and even calculate the trajectory of the bullet when you shoot. Free Fire and Rules of Survival, on the other hand, have more “arcade” mechanics. If we were to list the differences between these games:

  • Rules of Survival (RoS) supports up to 120 players. This figure is 50 for Free Fire (FF).
  • Maybe you will be surprised, but the game with the most players is Free Fire. According to Play Store statistics, it has been downloaded by more than 50 million people.
  • Due to the minimum required number of participants, Free Fire matches can be found easier and faster.
  • Free Fire uses the concept of “heroes” instead of anonymous characters. You can choose one of the heroes, each with different advantages, and upgrade these abilities. For example, one of these heroes can run faster. Another one gets less damage, etc.



  • The total number of weapons in Rules of Survival and Free Fire is less than 20. PUBG has more than 25 weapons. Since the combat mechanics are also arcade-based, getting used to RoS / FF is much easier.

In short, this is a personal preference: If you want more realistic physics, choose PUBG. If you are looking for games that are easier to play, you can choose between RoS and FF. Whichever you choose, the benefits BlueStacks gives you do not change.

Download Rules of Survival on BlueStacks

Download Free Fire on BlueStacks


Best FPS Games To Play On BlueStacks

There is a reason why there are not too many FPS games on mobile platforms: These games are designed for keyboard and mouse controls. In competitive FPS games, the reaction time is very important – literally, the first player to shoot wins. The touch controls, no matter how cleverly designed, cannot deliver that kind of experience. It is almost impossible to keep the aiming reticle on target. If the target is moving, forget to hit it: Your fingers can not “touch” so fast. Even if you can shoot your target by chance, it’s impossible to get a headshot and give maximum damage. In competitive FPS games, combat needs to be short: You have to kill your opponent in one shot.



You should be able to aim easily, quickly, and stay in motion continuously. Applying techniques like “strafing” is not something that can be done with mobile controls: You need to use your keyboard and mouse to be really competitive. And remember that your environmental awareness on tiny screens will be very low. If you do not see your enemies in time, you cannot shoot them in time. In short, mobile control schemes reward chance, not skills: The battlefield is in complete chaos and you can only kill your opponents with pure luck.



BlueStacks allows you to reuse standard FPS controls with the default PC control scheme. Assign a key to melee attack and kill your enemies with “knives”. Throw a hand grenade with another key in one motion. Most importantly, make sure all your shots are headshots – no other mobile player will be able to do that. If you’ve ever played a competitive FPS on your PC, you can be confident that BlueStacks will also be able to offer the same experience to you on mobile FPS games.



The best games in this category are:




If you like competitive FPS games and, for example, CS:GO, Crossfire is your best bet to get the same experience on the mobile platform. The number of maps is quite large and each is designed differently: This requires you to use different tactics and weapons in each one.



Crossfire matches are short but quite dynamic. You are playing against real players, trying to get as many frags as possible. TDM (team deathmatch) is the most popular mode in the game and allows 10 players to fight against each other until the team with the most kills wins. Be assured that this is the mode you will spend most of your time on. But there are other modes as well: You can try to place or defuse a bomb in demolition mode. In the mutant mode, you can fight against computer-controlled “zombies”. There is even a Battle Royale mode: Crossfire really offers the “full package”. With so many game modes, you can always get a different experience and do not get bored easily.



BlueStacks includes features to help you in each of these modes: Due to the high-resolution support, you can see a larger part of the map and easily identify ambush points. You can aim more precisely with the mouse and shoot much faster. While your mobile competitors are trying to figure out where you are, you can dance around them and easily enter the melee range. If you want your personal talents to make a difference, use BlueStacks: Dominating the battlefield has never been easier.



Download CrossFire Legends on BlueStacks

FPS Alternatives: Modern Combat 5 and NOVA Legacy

Other notable alternatives in this category are Modern Combat 5 and NOVA Legacy. Modern Combat is one of the first FPS games published for mobile platforms and has a very large player base for the same reason. We can say that it has the best graphics among all mobile FPS games. Its graphics quality compete with almost next generation PC FPS games.



However, we cannot say that it is a truly competitive FPS. There is a single-player story in the game, and the multiplayer is just a game mode. Although the multiplayer matches are quite enjoyable, Modern Combat 5 is not designed to be a true multiplayer game, like Crossfire. Perhaps for the same reason, its network infrastructure is a bit problematic and you can often experience DC (disconnect) issues. But if you want to play a satisfying single-player FPS, Modern Combat 5 will probably be the best option.



We can say the same for NOVA Legacy: This is a single-player focused FPS game and multiplayer options are limited. It’s more like a rail shooter. There are 19 levels in total and each is designed
differently – the story of the game is also quite satisfying. Multiplayer mode supports 8 person teams and does not have many options. But there are two things that are better than Modern Combat 5: NOVA Legacy requires only 35 MB of installation. In addition, the network infrastructure is better and multiplayer matches can be played smoothly. If you like mobile FPS games, give both of them a chance.



Best Strategy Games To Play On BlueStacks

Strategy games are not as fast as FPS and TPS games: Making quick decisions is not recommended for this category. You should plan your movements in advance and have a specific goal. However, moving quickly between the menus, looking at the playing field from a higher angle, and playing with your mouse instead of your fingers will still give you an advantage. How effective could you be if you played Age of Empires with touch controls? First of all, BlueStacks allows you to achieve the comfort of PC gaming in mobile strategy games. However, there is another very important advantage that you can use: The multi-instance feature.



Mobile strategy games are designed to be played with other players. The idea is joining a guild and helping other members. In return, you can get help too whenever you want. The problem is that most serious guilds do not accept new players. Those that accept usually do not have enough active members. In any case, you can’t use the full benefits of being in a guild.



With the BlueStacks multi-instance feature, you can play a mobile strategy game with several different accounts, set up your own guild, and help yourself. Guild members can send help to each other whenever they wish: You can shorten the length of a research or get lots of troops when someone is attacking you. Thanks to the multi-instance feature, it’s easy to get all of these things by yourself. You do not have to depend on anyone else – you literally become a one-man army.



If we look at the best games in this category:

Iron Throne

Iron Throne may be a newly released game in the mobile strategy category, but it has a development time of three years and managed to get into the top 10 in a very short time. Despite using the classic conquest mechanics, it offers them in a much more refined format and contains highly advanced graphics. The game is using the Unreal engine and we can say that it has the most impressive mobile graphics we have seen so far.



Your goal is to strengthen your kingdom and fight against enemies, whether they are controlled by the computer or other players. For this purpose, you need to do both micro and macro management. You should determine the buildings you will construct in your kingdom, increase their level, and continue the production of resources and troops. On the world map, you must choose which monsters to attack and pay attention to your “neighbors” who get close to you.



The kingdom which produces the resources most effectively and builds a big army has a significant advantage. Of course, this is not an easy thing to do: Will you spend your resources for constructing buildings or for military production? Which research should you complete first? Which of your heroes should stay in the castle, and which must remain on the world map? Iron Throne has a large number of heroes and each has a different ability.



Whatever your strategy is, BlueStacks will help you. You can collect resources more quickly, and see your kingdom in a wider angle thanks to the maximum zoom level you can achieve. It is especially advantageous to see the world map from a wide angle because you can easily identify potential threats and see the empty areas, which you can relocate to if needed. And, of course, you can set up your own guild with multi-instance feature and be more prepared for the threats. In any case, we guarantee that you will have a lot of fun.

Download Iron Throne on BlueStacks

Strategy Alternatives: Lords Mobile and King of Avalon

In terms of general game mechanics, you’ll see that s MobileLord and King of Avalon are not so different: We can even say that they are the predecessors of Iron Throne. Lords Mobile has cartoony graphics and is much more stable because it is an old game.



King of Avalon has a more realistic art style and offers dragons instead of heroes: You can have a dragon in this game and take advantage of its abilities.



Download Lords Mobile on BlueStacks

Download King of Avalon on BlueStacks

If you are hesitant, we recommend you to try Lords Mobile first: Although its mechanics are not unique, the graphics style is much different and the player base is bigger. Nevertheless, each game is able to offer a different kind of experience and a very long gameplay. If you like mobile strategy games, you can choose any of these: We guarantee you will not regret it.

Take a look at the best games on Play Store lists: You can be confident that BlueStacks will give you an edge in each of them. Whichever game you choose, you can play it better with BlueStacks. Good luck!

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