Brawls Stars: The Review and The Beginner’s Guide

Brawls Stars: The Review and The Beginner’s...

We know that some of you have been playing this game for almost a year because the development process of Brawl Stars has been going on for more than a year. But it was the “beta” you’ve played so far: Now, we can watch the real game and see if Brawl Stars meets player’s expectations. The game was released just 24 hours ago and it looks exciting. Let’s take a look at what Supercell prepared for us, shall we?

What Is Brawl Stars About?

It is difficult to place Brawl Stars in a specific category. Have you ever played “Capture the Flag” before in a competitive MMO game? In this game mode, there is a flag in the middle of the map. At the two opposite ends of the map are the base of the opposing teams. The goal is to take the flag in the middle and move it back to the base: The team that manages to carry the most number of flags wins. Brawl Stars is similar to this game mode. But this time, you are collecting “gems” instead of flags.

This is a real action MMO game: It doesn’t have any single player story and is developed to be played against real players. As soon as the game starts, you make your first match. It is also possible to say that Brawl Stars is a simplified MOBA. But let’s not rush and take a look at the controls first. Because all competitive games must have a good control scheme.

The interface is divided into two parts. You will be using the D-pad on the left side to move your character. BlueStacks users can use WASD keys.

The right side contains the keys to fire. There are two firing modes: normal and super. You press the red button for normal shooting. If you press once, you fire the nearest enemy once. However, if you press and hold, you can create a telegraph and target multiple enemies. Pay attention to the orange bars under your character’s green health bar: These show you how many times you can shoot before reloading.

Finally, the super-fire mode: This is your strongest attack type and it has a certain CD (cooldown) time. You can only use it as a telegraph. BlueStacks users can use their mouse for normal and super fire modes.

In general, we can say that this is a very easy and practical control scheme. BlueStacks makes them even easier: Move with the WASD keys and shoot with the mouse. So, what’s your purpose in the game? What do you use this control scheme for?

Let’s Start The Brawl

As mentioned above, this is an action MMO game. So it is designed to be played with your friends and against rival players on small-scale maps. You can play the game against the bots too, but this won’t be enjoyable at all: Brawl Stars is a game developed to be played with real friends, against real players. Let’s take a look at the interface first. The main screen of the game looks like this:


Play Brawl Stars on BlueStacks

We will discuss each option on this interface in detail in other guides we will prepare. So let’s focus on the “play” button for now. When you press this button, the game starts to look for a match. There are three players in each team, so 6 players are enough to start a match. If no real players are found, the game puts bots in their place.

Once the match starts, your goal is to collect and keep the gems that spawn in the middle of the map. Unlike capture the flag mode, you don’t have to take the gems you collected back to your base – it is enough to hold them. Each player can collect multiple gems. The numbers at the top of players show how many gems a player holds at that moment. For example, the screenshot below shows that we are currently carrying 6 gems.

Your goal is to collect the most number of gems as a team. Each team is required to collect a total of 10 gems and you can track how many pieces of gems your team has from the top of the interface. The matches do not have a time limit, they continue until a team has a total of 10 gems. When this number is reached, a countdown begins. When the countdown is over, the team that has collected the most gems wins the match.

You can collect the gems from the center of the map or by killing the opponent players who carry a gem. The gems they carry will fall to the ground and become collectible by everyone. In general, we can say that the matches last for a maximum of 5 minutes – so you can make a lot of matches in series.

After The Brawl

There may not be a single player story in the game, but there are plenty of features to spend time outside the arenas. The first of these is the “brawlers”. There are 22 characters in Brawl Stars and each one has different abilities. You can unlock them with in-game achievements or store purchases. The ways to unlock a character is indicated on its own info screen.

You earn an average of 20 tokens for each match you win. When you collect 100 tokens, you can open a brawl box for free. These boxes include in-game currencies and items that you can use to upgrade your characters. So even if you collect all 22 characters, you have not reached the end of the game: You still need to upgrade each one separately.

You don’t have to play against randomly selected players too: By creating a friendly game, you can invite only your friends or you can choose to play only against the bots.


Brawl Stars offers rich content and dynamic gameplay that will keep you busy for months. This is a competitive action MMO game: You can start fighting and having fun without having to reach the last level. The graphics engine is using the “cell shade” technique and the visuals look quite impressive. We will be releasing more game guides for Brawl Stars that will help you win your battles effectively on the battlefield. For now, we can say that the Brawl Stars have met our expectations fully – we plan to play this game for months. Join us in this adventure and let’s conquer the arenas together!

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