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Everything You Need To Know About Clash Royale

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Clash Royale is a highly addictive real-time multiplayer online game to conquer your opponents towers in order to capture their king. It’s based on cards you collect unleashed from time-sensitive chests after battles. Build and train your army, create or join clans, and choose the best infantry to enter bouts against real players from around the world. Many of the characters are familiar from Supercell’s other hit game Clash of Clans. Using BlueStacks is one of the best ways to play Clash Royale on PC! Let’s get into the review to learn more!

Pros & Cons


  • Extremely addictive MOBA battle game!
  • Use strategy and timing to unleash!
  • Earn necessary items from time-sensitive chests!
  • Create or join clans to trade cards and play friendly practice battles!


  • Lengthy periods of wait for chests…

If you’re playing the über popular game Clash of Clans then you’ll be familiar with the spin-off Clash Royale as it features the same characters. Though this is an insanely addictive multiplayer online battle arena game where you play in real-time against others. It’s based on “cards” you earn from chests. These chests unlock rewards such as character upgraded, coins and gems. You can only have up to four chests at a time. You will have to either spend additional gems to open early or wait the time period designated. In early levels you wait on average 3-8 hours to open a chest. This is a minor caveat of the game, however, I understand it’s value to keep players coming back daily.


Everything You Need To Know About Clash Royale

To battle you are given up to four cards at once and can only use those as you collect the amount of elixir they require. Elixir is continuously recharging over time- thus you must wait for it to place your fighter. You can place your warrior anywhere in the red designated area to attack. Alternatively if you are defending you can place anywhere near or prior to enemy’s approach. Arena battles are timed and elixir refills twice as fast in the final minute. If there is no winner within regulation time a “sudden death” is played until a crown is captured. There are multiple battle arenas you can enter as you win bouts and collect trophies. These allow you to compete against players of similar battle skill level.

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It’s all about strategy as you match certain heroes against your enemy’s weaknesses (or match their strengths). For example, some characters will stop and fight- even run back to catch up with foes to battle such as the Knight. While others like the Giant will charge forward and only stop to smash huts.

A strategy I personally employ is to be very aggressive and hit first mainly trying to take out one tower side rather than taking out both Princess towers evenly (which the latter can be effective when a bout is in split decision as the most crowns taken wins.) Thereafter, I try to keeping only some fighters back to help defend my own crowns but majority of them will be advanced forward on the weak side of the opposing king. This strategy does not always work as it leaves a vulnerability in protecting my crowns- sacrificing the possibility of advancing faster than my enemy.


Everything You Need To Know About Clash Royale

You get up to three battle decks to swap around your cards and experiment with. This too can be a challenge as you would want a team that packs some power, however, the stronger your hero the longer elixir time you must wait. And in Clash Royale every second counts! As you play and advance you can start to level up your army and their abilities from chests unlocked.


Everything You Need To Know About Clash Royale

You can be a leader and create your own clan or join a clan. These allow you to trade for needed cards or trade in cards for rewards. Additionally you can play friendly practice battles with others in your clan!

Clashe Royale TV

Everything You Need To Know About Clash Royale

This is a helpful feature to gain rewards in addition to strategy plans from by watching other players.

BlueStacks Rating

Rating: 4.8/5

Clash Royale is a superb online battle game arena to duel against others. While based on the abilities of cards earned from chest rewards and upgrades, there is a large amount of strategy you must employ in order to be victorious. Though there is a fair amount of waiting you must gruel through- it keeps you coming back several times per day because it’s just that addictive. Download and play Clash Royale now!

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