The New and Improved Key-Mapping Tool of BlueStacks 4

The New and Improved Key-Mapping Tool of...


One of the most popular features of BlueStacks is the keymapping tool. With this tool, you can assign a personalized control scheme to each game. By default, the tool uses the WASD scheme, but you are not limited to this option: You can assign any function to any button and place it anywhere on the screen.

With BlueStacks 4, the popular Keymapping tool gets some exciting new features and comes with a new interface. Assigning customized control schemes to games is now more practical, easy-to-use, and visual than ever.

Let’s start at the beginning: You will no longer see the shortcut of keymapping tool on the main interface. This shortcut appears only when an application is launched:




When the game is loaded, click on the marked section as shown above and open the keymapping tool interface.



Adding new controls is now as simple as ‘Drag and Drop’. Choose from a list of pre-defined control options like, Move, Tap Spot, Aim and Shoot, Zoom In / Out, etc. Simply drag the control to the desired spot on the game screen, hit save and you’re done!

You can set a specific region as a “tap spot” and activate a feature without using your mouse. You can place movement controls anywhere on the screen, or you can set a specific location as a “zoom area”. MOBA players can place their own custom movement keys on the interface. The “aim, pan, and shoot” option is very useful for FPS and TPS games: You can use this option to move and aim comfortably and quickly.

Again, it’s very easy to use any of these control options: Just grab one and drag it onto the desired spot on the interface.



The above screen display shows you how to use this feature. You can place any button anywhere and assign it any function. With this tool, you can set a unique control scheme for each game and literally master the battlefield. No matter which type of game you are playing, you can create the most ideal control scheme and save it so it loads automatically every time you open a game: Just click the “save” button in the bottom left corner.



We are confident that our new keymapping tool will offer you a big advantage in mobile battlefields. You can fully enjoy the convenience of using a keyboard and mouse: BlueStacks 4 literally gives you the “controls” and lets you customize them freely. To learn about other innovations in the new BlueStacks 4, be sure to read our other articles.

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