Mobile Marketing Star of November – Mika Komatsuzaki

For the month of November 2015, we’re proud to announce that Mika Komatsuzaki of KLab America was nominated and selected as Mobile Marketing Star of the Month. I had the chance to chat with Mika about her insights mobile marketing, her background and where she thinks the industry is going. She’s been selected as our third ever Marketing Star of the Month for her excellent work in customer acquisition. Here’s an excerpt of our conversation:


Danny Dhillon (DD): Mika, thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy day to talk with me. Could you tell us about your background, what you do at KLab America and what drew you to mobile? 

Mika Komatsuzaki (MK): I started working in a mobile/ social gaming industry back in 2010, coming from selling real estates in Tokyo. Everyone thought I was crazy to have a big change to go digital from real! I was sent to GDC few weeks after I started which made me decide to move to SF 2 years later and joined KLab to start a office and build a local team here. Now I handle Marketing and Business Development for the Western Market at KLab. 

(DD): That’s a big change! And based on our internal nominations, it sounds like you have a real talent for mobile marketing. So what does an excellent mobile user look like to you at KLab? 

(MK): A user who of course helps us monetize in-game but also people who have strong engagement and bring more users to our games! 

(DD): Haha, of course! Regarding the engagement and influencing you mentioned, how does KLab take an acquired user and turn them into an engaged and retained user? 

(MK): We have ran some retargeting campaign, given login bonus (but balancing on the items you give away is important!) and a reward away when a user purchases an item for the first time. Working with a small local team, we work closely with product team to improve retention/ engagement for post-install, too.

(DD): It seems like you guys are a fined tuned machine, what’s been the hardest challenge and lesson that you’ve learned? 

(MK): A marketing method everybody’s all been doing can suddenly not work or work negatively depending on a regulation of platform so we need to keep seeking for the best way that works today. 

(DD): And on that same tune, what are some challenges that you’ve faced in the past year? 

(MK): UA cost is getting higher and higher as top ranked games are generating more revenue. 

(DD): Ya, it seems like end users are getting more intelligent and we have to be more cognizant of successful tactics. Do you have tips that you would give to new marketers that are just getting into the space? 

(MK): Always keep up with how popular games got to where they are. There’re not many established rules in mobile marketing and getting to explore and figure that out is the exciting part to work in this industry. 

(DD): Yeah, it seems like a solid footing in competitive analysis has been a common thread of many of the successful marketers we speak to. If you could pull out a crystal ball and tell us about mobile marketing, where do you see it going? 

(MK): Community management and outside of traditional UA marketing that facilitate organic installs with strong user engagement such as SNS and working with influencers. 

(DD): Hmm, interesting that you mention that, Mika. We’ve also heard the same emphasis from a number of our partners this month. Anyways, let me thank you for taking the time to speak with us about your experience and knowledge. 

Congratulations to Mika Komatsuzaki, our November 2015 recipient of the Mobile Marketing Star of the Month Award! Check in on us next month to see who will win the award for December.


Mobile Marketing Star of November – Mika...