Mobile Marketing Star of October – Gavin Acres

For the month of October 2015, we’re proud to announce that Gavin Acres of RockYou was nominated and selected as Mobile Marketing Star of the Month. I had the chance to chat with Gavin about his insights mobile marketing,his background and where he thinks the industry is going. He’s been selected as our second ever Marketing Star of the Month for his excellent work in customer acquisition. Here’s an excerpt of our conversation:

Danny Dhillon (DD): Gavin, thanks so much for taking the time to talk with me. Just to start things of, what is your background and what do you do at RockYou? 

Gavin Acres (GA): My background is in mobile user acquisition. At RockYou, I manage the user acquisition team. We work to acquire paid volume and quality, growing the revenue of our large portfolio of games.

(DD): That has to be a big responsibility. To expand on the UA thread, what strategies have you used to convert installs into engaged and retained users? 

(GA): A major strategy has been to drive incentivized installs to indirectly drive in organic installs. Additionally, we’ve developed best practices around Facebook advertising to drive the highest quality users possible.

(DD): That makes a ton sense, no use paying for users who aren’t going to drive in other users, so what does a quality user look like to RockYou?

(GA): Since we have a wide variety of genres, a quality user is different for every game. But as a general rule, the highest quality users are always the ones you can drive in with a heavy amount of targeting. 

(DD): That’s in line with what we’ve heard from our partners. So Gavin, what are some challenges that you’ve faced in the past year when it comes to mobile marketing?

(GA): In general, the cost-per-install has been rising, making it harder to scale up campaigns with a positive return on investment. 

(DD): I see and what’s been the hardest lesson in mobile marketing that you’ve learned?

(GA): I’ve been handed a big lesson in prioritization. In mobile marketing, there’s always something that needs to be done, and there’s a lot to do. Learning to prioritize those projects has been really crucial to building structured user acquisition processes at RockYou.

(DD): Thanks Gavin, to change gears a bit, what tip would you give other marketers who are just getting into the space? 

(GA): Data, data, data. To properly approach performance marketing, you need to be able to attribute and follow the progress of users you drive to your app. Along with that, you need to have a basis for understanding how you are going to evaluate and project out the value of those users.

(DD): Definitely; we’ve heard both success stories and nightmares when it comes to having data. So how would you describe the ideal mobile marketer based on your experience? 

(GA): An ideal mobile marketer has to be creative, analytical and hard-working. You have to constantly be looking for new opportunities, new placements, and new ways to optimize.

(DD): What do you see as the next big thing for mobile marketing? Where do you think we’re going with all this? 

(GA): Mobile marketing consolidation: I’m anticipating the convergence of analytics, attribution, and ad networks to automate mobile marketing to in-app ads.


Congratulations to Gavin Acres, our October 2015 recipient of the Mobile Marketing Star of the Month Award! Check in on us next month to see who wins the award for November.


Mobile Marketing Star of October – Gavin...