Automate Your Existence With the New BlueStacks Macros

Automate Your Existence With the New BlueStacks...

One of the strongest features that BlueStacks offers, aside from improved controls and mobile gaming on a large screen, is the automation of the most monotonous tasks. Our platform has several tools in place to help you skip the most boring parts of your favorite games, and instead focus only on the fun aspects such as obliterating your enemies or working for those top-tier equipment pieces.

Automate Your Existence With the New BlueStacks Macro Recorder

However, if you’re on the latest version ( or higher) of our emulator, you’ll gain access to the BlueStacks Macro Recorder, the latest addition to our lineup of tools, designed exclusively to help you record macros for any actions you like, bind them to a ‘hotkey’ and take the automation of your favorite games to the next level. The applications of this new tool are virtually endless, so let’s take a look at some of the most important things you can do with it.

The BlueStacks Macro Hotkey

Just as its name implies, the Macro Recorder allows you to record sequences of commands in any part of BlueStacks, including the home screen, and reproduce them by pressing a single button. You can even record yourself switching to other apps, and performing different functions between several different games simultaneously. In this sense, you can automate your progression in many different games without even having to switch from app to app manually.

The BlueStacks Macro Recorder is the future of mobile game automation, and the reason why we call it like that is because you won’t find it anywhere else. This powerful tool is exclusive to BlueStacks users only. Specifically, you may find it on client version or above. If you’re on this version, you’ll find the Macro Recorder button on the right panel. Alternatively, you can access this feature by pressing Ctrl + Shift + 7.

Automate Your Existence With the New BlueStacks Macro Recorder

Once you click on the button, you’ll enter the macro menu from where you can record a macro, or manage the ones that are already recorded. To record a macro:

  1. Simply click on the record button
  2. Play as you normally would
  3. Stop the recorder when you’re done. That’s it!

You can now assign a name and a ‘Hotkey’ to the macro to easily access it with a single key press. From that point, every time you press the corresponding button, BlueStacks will reproduce your macro with 100% precision.

Keep in mind, however, that the Macro Recorder is not available for certain games. Some developers frown upon the use of this tool and consider it an unfair advantage over other users. But don’t worry, BlueStacks is always watching your back and doesn’t want any of you getting banned for the use of forbidden tools. If you’re playing any of these games that do not permit the use of Macros, you won’t find the Macro Recorder feature on your toolbar. However, once you switch to another title, the button will reappear on the bar, ready for use.

Macro Import and Export

While recording and reproducing command sequences is definitely the strongest point of the Macro Recorder, this tool also has an important feature that allows you to import and export the said sequences.

Automate Your Existence With the New BlueStacks Macro Recorder

In practice, before being able to use the Macro Recorder, you’ll first need to record yourself being awesome at a game. In the case of conquest games, for example, some macros will require you to perform lengthy procedures so you can automate them later on. In these cases, you actually need to do the dirty work first before being able to automate it in the future. However, since you can both import and export macros, you can easily have your friends create some of the most tedious recordings, and simply import them to your BlueStacks. It’s a two way street, of course. We are sure you are gonna do the same for them in some other games.

Farm Better with BlueStacks Macros

Macros can be exported from their respective menu, which are saved in a location of your choosing as .json files. Similarly, you can import them from the same menu by browsing to the Macro file, double clicking it, and letting BlueStacks do the rest. The Macro Recorder allows you to create and share macros with your friends, which is especially useful for conquest games where you have to repeat the same tasks over and over.

Automate Your Existence With the New BlueStacks Macro Recorder

A Plethora of Customization

As soon as you finish recording a Macro, you’ll find it in the macro menu. Once there, you can click on the gear icon to customize the behavior of your macro, which is one of the strongest features of the recorder. Not only does the Macro Recorder allow you to create sequences of commands, it also allows you to fine-tune the behavior of the said recordings so that it corresponds perfectly to what you’re trying to do.

Automate Your Existence With the New BlueStacks Macro Recorder

In particular, the most important customization options are the repeat and loop options, through which you can define the number of times BlueStacks will repeat the said macro. Furthermore, for those macros where you need to mash a button, you can also adjust the speed of the macro to improve your results at certain tasks.

Run Macros Automatically when BlueStacks Starts Up

Lastly, you can also set the macros to execute as soon as BlueStacks starts up. This feature is great for the aforementioned conquest games as it allows superior automation for these titles. Imagine creating a gathering macro for West Game and having it run automatically as soon as you open BlueStacks. You can just run the emulator, go away to do something else, and come back to your production buildings fully collected and your military buildings training some troops, all without having to press a single button.

Automate Your Existence With the New BlueStacks Macro Recorder

The BlueStacks Macro Recorder is one of the most powerful tools we have created so far. In the right hands, this tool can automate virtually any aspect of not just a single game, but multiple simultaneous titles, by only pressing a single button. If you want to use this awesome feature, make sure to update to the latest version of BlueStacks, and start recording!

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