5 Games To Play On BlueStacks That Represent The Spirit of Thanksgiving

5 Games To Play On BlueStacks That...

If you liked our best co-op games guide to play with your family during Thanksgiving  and you want want more, you’re in the right place: In this article, we will list the games that would best suit the spirit of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving spirit is based on sharing, and you can get all the benefits of sharing by playing the games below. By playing them together with your family and friends on BlueStacks, you can make the Thanksgiving holiday much more fun and enjoyable. Don’t forget to use the exclusive features of BlueStacks.

1.     Farmville 2

If there is a category called “farm games” today, we owe it to the Farmville game. Farmville is considered to be one of the most popular games highlighting the importance of social communication and sharing. If you’ve never played a game like this before, it’s time to get started: You will build a farm, manage it, and turn it into a “virtual” business.

Farmville 2 is a highly advanced version of the first game. You will collect crops, take care of your animals, and ask your neighbors for help. The more neighbors you can get help, the faster you grow your farm. Neighboring farms can help you collect your crops – if you need a specific crop, you can choose to purchase it from your neighbors.

Play Farmville 2 this Thanksgiving!

No need to search for helpful neighbors: Your friends and family are extremely suitable for this job! Build farms with each other and help each other: in this way, you can create the best farms in the game much faster and easier.

BlueStacks Combo Key Tip Collecting all the wheat and turning it to flour in the windmill takes quite a long time, right?  Well, not anymore: You can create a Combo Key for this job and repeat all of your actions with a single key.

2. Hay Day

Farmville can be a popular game, but it’s not your only option when it comes to managing a farm: Hay Day lets you get almost the same experience with simpler game mechanics. Your goal still is to manage and grow your farm, but this time there are many additional features that will make your work easier. For example, you can open a shop and sell your products to all players, even if they are not on your friends list.


Helping your neighbors is still of great importance. Hay Day is a game where you can see all the benefits of social cooperation: You can organize the farms that belong to your friends, collect the resources there, and even give them what they need for the production of crops.


Play Hay Day this Thanksgiving!

You can do all this together with your friends and family! Hay Day allows you to make friends with up to 250 people. Don’t worry, even if you have lots of friends, you can help them all or ask for help with one push of a button. Do not forget to check out our Hay Day guides for getting ideas about growing your farm faster!

BlueStacks Combo Key Tip It is not enough to produce resources: Hay Day asks you to turn every resource into another one and this is a very time-consuming process. Instead, create a macro for all these actions and simplify your daily actions.

BlueStacks Multi-Instance Tip


By creating more than one instance (and farm), you can sell useful resources to yourself at very low prices. Create accounts just for producing resources and make them send these resources to your main account.

3. Family Farm Seaside

If you think Farmville and Hay Day are for adults, you’re right. But there are also farm games for children, and Family Farm Seaside is one of the best examples. We are sure that you will have lots of children at home during Thanksgiving: If you are looking for a game where they can understand the importance of playing together and sharing, Family Farm Seaside is an excellent choice.

Your goal is still to manage a farm, but the graphics are much cuter and this time our farm is on the seaside. Well, not every farm out there can be in the country, right? Using social media accounts, you can earn gifts and bonuses that will be very useful for production and management if you play together. You don’t have to be a child to play: Family Farm Seaside also appeals to adults who are looking for a casual farm game because it uses much more simplified mechanics.

Play Family Farm Seaside this Thanksgiving!

BlueStacks Combo Key Tip Purchasing crops from the store and sowing the land to make space for them is a boring process and you need to do this lots of times. By using the Combo Key feature, you can create a macro for every type of crop in the game and fully automate this process.

4. The Sims Mobile

Farm games are fun, but they are not the only choice to live the Thanksgiving spirit. The mobile version of the famous Sims series is one of the most appropriate games to build social communication and to create, literally, a virtual world. Create a Sim, meet numerous friends and perform numerous activities with the Sims of your family members. You will be rewarded for every activity and understand the importance of social communication rules – for this reason, The Sims mobile is also a good choice for young children.

Find a job, climb up the career ladder, and build your own private world: The Sims is one of the games you can enjoy playing even after Thanksgiving. The more helpful you are, the better your character is. In this game, everyone can turn into a “tiny god” and witness the consequences of his decisions. If you wish, you can even organize your own virtual Thanksgiving event!

Play The Sims Mobile this Thanksgiving!

BlueStacks Combo Key Tip Tidying up your home takes several minutes: You can create a macro for the “cleaning up your home” process and repeat it with a single click every time.

5. Township

If you like to think big and managing a single farm is not enough for you, how about managing a big city? Township promises you exactly that. You set up your own city and decide which buildings should be built. You also need to help the citizens: How about delivering the grandmother’s orders on time?

You can use the friendship system of the game to shorten construction and production times. Your family members come into play at this point: If you add them as friends, you can send each other in-game currencies that are needed to continue production, reduce your construction time, and increase your production speed. Township rewards governors who get along with their neighbors!

BlueStacks Combo Key Tip You can produce something in every building in your town, which requires at least 5-6 clicks each time. With the Combo Key feature, you can create a macro for every type of production and repeat them easily – all you need is a single click.

Thanks to BlueStacks, we are sure that this Thanksgiving will be much more fun. If you have a game that you recommend playing during the holidays, do not forget to share with us in the comments section. We wish you a pleasant and happy Thanksgiving – have a good holiday!

Play Township this Thanksgiving!