5 Reasons to Play WWE Supercard

Looking for a good game to play? How about one that will make five minutes turn into two hours ‘from outta nowhere?’ I’m going to give you 5 reasons to play WWE Supercard.


It’s Simple

WWE Supercard is a game of trumps at heart. While other TCGs like Hearthstone require an ample amount of strategy, Supercard is a game of numbers. Train and level up your card ranks in order to get bigger numbers. Make the right deck additions and face off in the squared circle. You don’t have to worry about special powers or anything of the sort. You’ll have all you need as you progress naturally throughout the game.


No Tag Teams

Supercard is a single player game, so anyone who isn’t fond of interacting with others will feel right at home. Even while facing competitors in various matches and tournaments, they are not live opponents, so no taunts will fly, nor will you have to feel embarrassed for them after you crush them during a match.

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You Don’t Have To Be a Champ

You don’t have to be a wrestling fan to enjoy it. While it certainly helps to follow the product and have some knowledge of the characters, none of it is necessary.


Squash Matches Encouraged

Matches in WWE Supercard are a fast and furious experience. The game is build for speed. Only have a few minutes to face off? No problem! Player be warned, though. ‘A few’ matches may suddenly turn into the entirety of your day if you’re not careful. It’s simplicity and speed are cause for wholly addictive fun!


Match Variety

While the core match gameplay remains the same, there are enough weekly events, tournaments and daily login incentives to keep you in the ring for a good, long time.
It’s important to note that while you can play WWE Supercard on BlueStacks, the developers do not offer support for BlueStacks users. If you have issues with the game through BlueStacks, feel free to send our support team a ticket and we’ll get it handled! Otherwise, there’s no other reason for you not to get in the ring, so what are you waiting for? Climb through the ropes and practice your five moves of doom in WWE Supercard today!

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5 Reasons to Play WWE Supercard