Playing Games Can Help You Bond With Old People

Back in the day, Bejeweled was the best game ever. I actually still play it time to time. This game brings back many memories of my childhood. I used to play this game everyday for hours at a time but as time and technology progresses,  my pastime activities changed. In high school, I barely touched this game again until my first year of college.

One year, I bought my mom an iPad for her birthday –mainly so she can browse the internet and do her online shopping, but with this tablet, came the options of many apps and games.  Shopping all the time can get boring, I downloaded Bejeweled for her and taught her how to play, which  is very straight forward and easy. Soon enough, my mom got used to using her new tablet, as well as becoming really good at Bejeweled.  Eventually we would play at the same time on our own devices, yelling our scores at the end of each round and rubbing our wins in each others’ faces.  Many “oohs”, “ahhs”, and “yesssssssss” followed the sounds of all the combos of the jewels breaking and and exploding –the most satisfying sounds you can hear.  It became a fun competition and sometimes my dad would join in too. It felt great to do something fun for all of us. Eventually we started making bets and creating punishments for the loser. Loser would have to do the dishes, go pick up take-out or anything of that sort. It made doing the chores seem easier too, since instead of thinking  you have to do it anyways, you are actually taking responsibility for your loss.

I didn’t realize it then, but I realize it now that playing Bejeweled was a way of family bonding. We spent many rainy days and our Lazy Sundays playing this game and laughing with each other. It’s pretty cool to see how I bonded with my parents over a simple game and it was great to get my mom into something she wouldn’t have explored on her own. It helped us spend time together instead of individually focused on our own devices without any interactions. The time you spend with your parents is important because the older you get the harder it is to spend time with the old folks . We get busy with school, relationships, and our careers so time becomes more valuable. I am glad I can reminisce on the good ol’ Bejeweled days.


What games did/do you play with your parents? Grandparents? Some newer games that I think old people would like to play would be Crossy Road or  Jelly Jump… What do you think? Tell me which games you would play with your oldies in a comment below!

Playing Games Can Help You Bond With...