The 5 Best Drinks For an All Night Gaming Session



Red Bull

No other energy drink has the lasting power of Red Bull. No, not in terms of the buzz you get, however substantial that might be. It’s a rock. It’s a reliable drink that’s there when you need it. Its syrupy sweet, almost medicinal flavor packs a wallop, both on the tongue and on the senses. One can of this is sure to give you big enough wings to get you through the night.



Yes, water. Staying hydrated with pure, 100% water keeps your natural energy up, so have plenty of it and don’t be shy. In fact, the less you have of most of the other options on this list, the better off you may be if you ingest water in their stead.



Don’t let the silly name fool you, this is a seriously enjoyable drink. Then again, its that outward silliness that has, in part, helped it to become a first choice for many a game session. Unlike many other energy drinks, Bawls doesn’t hit you over the head with extreme flavor, nor does it taste like anything more than what it intends to be. Special flavors, like the root beer and cherry versions are especially pleasing. If great taste and a natural kick are what you desire out of an energy drink, you can do far worse than a bottle of Bawls.



Sometimes, all you need to get properly charged up is a cup ‘o joe. There’s a cup of coffee to suit every taste. There’s a different way to make coffee for every cup. There’s a different bean for every season. There’s so many variables that go into making a good cup that one could very well spend more time looking into coffee-making methods than actually gaming! No matter what though, coffee is a seriously tasty and naturally intense way to extend your game time over and over again. Oh and don’t get us started on espresso shots.


Mountain Dew

Yes, we know all the Dew/gamer jokes that are around, but outside of the game-centric marketing the soft drink brand has been known for, there aren’t many sodas that are as fizzy and capable of a buzz as they are refreshing. Yes, refreshing. That familiar, tangy citrus taste is a more quenching flavor than that of regular cola, which tends to leave a bitter, dry aftertaste.


The 5 Best Drinks For an All...