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Best Brawl Stars Tips and Tricks For Beginner and Pro Brawlers

If you have just started playing Brawl Stars, you need as much help as possible. This game may look cute but contains quite complex and deadly mechanics but with BlueStacks, now you can use Gamepad to play Brawl Stars effectively on PC. Check out the set-up guide here!

If you are a pro brawler, we are sure that there are still things you don’t know about this game: The more you know, the more efficient you will be on the battlefield. In this guide, we will share many tips that will be useful for both beginners and pro brawlers. Let’s start!

Best Brawl Stars Tips and Tricks For Beginner and Pro Brawlers

Don’t Forget That You Can Hide

In the Brawl Stars arenas, there is a feature that beginners are often unaware of: hiding. Indeed, if you choose the right point, you can hide on any map and become invisible to other players. Do not confuse this with standing behind a wall: In such a case, other players may still see you. We’re talking about “disappearing” here. If you stay inside the vegetation tiles on the map, you will see that your character becomes transparent. This means that you are hiding and the opponent team players cannot see you.

Best Brawl Stars Tips and Tricks For Beginner and Pro Brawlers

Notice that our character became transparent. Competing team players can no longer see us.

You can use this feature in every game mode. Hiding opens the doors to many tactics. If there is a vegetation tile around the spawn point, you can make a surprise attack by hiding here. Or, you can choose to hide when your health is reduced. If an enemy player comes on your tile, you will be exposed. Firing will also cause you to expose. But apart from these two possibilities, you can disappear completely.

Use Manual Aim

As stated in our other guides, there are two types of attacks, normal and super. You can use both automatically or manually. To use automatic shooting, simply click on the corresponding button. Your character will automatically aim and shoot at the nearest enemy. This mechanic can be easier, but you can be sure that it is less efficient. However, if you switch to manual aim mode by pressing and holding the corresponding button, you can perform more effective attacks.

Best Brawl Stars Tips and Tricks For Beginner and Pro Brawlers

The difference between the two modes is that there is no priority system for automatic aiming. For example, this type of aiming cannot detect the difference between a low-health foe and a full-health foe. All it does is shooting at the nearest enemy. In manual mode, however, you can aim exactly at the enemy you want and pick your targets. Note that you are using BlueStacks: Thanks to the keyboard and mouse support, manual aiming is much easier for you. Moreover, you can use any key sequence you like.

You will get 7 Brawlers For Free

The currency you use to purchase new brawlers is very valuable. That’s why you need to be “stingy” while spending it. Brawl Stars allows you to get a total of 7 characters as a result for your in-game achievements. In other words, don’t purchase these characters: You’ll get them already for free.

Best Brawl Stars Tips and Tricks For Beginner and Pro Brawlers

You can see the list of characters to be collected for free on your achievements screen. To save you the trouble, here is the list of brawlers you can get free of charge: Nita, Colt, Bull, Jessie, Brock, Dynamike, and Bo. Now, you know what characters you don’t need to purchase.

Check The “Shining”

In the 3v3 Gem Grab battles, you may know in advance when a new gem will spawn. All you have to do is pay attention to how “bright” the well is. After each gem spawn, the well will lose all its brightness. When a new gem is about to spawn, it will begin to shine again. You can see an example of this in the screenshot below.

Play Brawl Stars on PC

Best Brawl Stars Tips and Tricks For Beginner and Pro Brawlers

With this visual clue, you can tell when you need to go to the spawn point. When your opponents are busy fighting, you should pay attention to the brightness of the well and collect the gems as soon as they spawn.

You Don’t Need To Always Collect Gems

While the battle continues, do not forget to check the bar at the upper left corner. If you still don’t carry a gem when this bar is full, you need to switch to a different game style. The fact that the bar is full means that at least one of your teammates carries a large number of gems. After this stage, you should no longer be interested in collecting gems: Protect your teammates and try to attract the attention of enemies.

Best Brawl Stars Tips and Tricks For Beginner and Pro Brawlers

We carry the most gems. Our teammates need to protect us now, hopefully.

The players carrying the gems should stay on the move using the LOS mechanics that we explained earlier. Players who do not carry gems should keep on attacking and keep enemies away from their teammates. This tactic will give results every time you play with a team you can communicate with.

Save Your Money For Big Boxes

You can purchase Brawl Stars loot boxes using the most precious in-game currency: gems. Unfortunately, if you’re playing for free, the amount of gems you can win will be pretty low. In other words, you should not spend them for random shopping. The in-game store sells two different loot boxes: Big Box and Mega Box. If you have to choose between the two, go for Big Box, because it offers exactly the same probabilities as the Mega Box.

Best Brawl Stars Tips and Tricks For Beginner and Pro Brawlers

Pay attention to the probabilities.

Best Brawl Stars Tips and Tricks For Beginner and Pro Brawlers

The probabilities are exactly the same in the more expensive Mega Box.

Mega Box offers exactly the same probabilities as the Big Box, although it is much more expensive. The only difference is that you can get more items. But you don’t get better quality items – your chances of winning are still the same. Therefore, if you are purchasing a box, we recommend you to pick the Big Box.

Test A Brawler With A Friendly Game

If you’re uncertain about whether to upgrade a brawler or not, you can easily see how the fully upgraded version of that brawler performs. Simply create a friendly game and select the brawler you want to try. Other members of the team may be bots.

Best Brawl Stars Tips and Tricks For Beginner and Pro Brawlers

Friendly matches do not award trophies, but they have a very important feature: Every brawler participating in such matches is a fully upgraded version. In other words, this feature allows you to understand how every brawler will perform at the last upgrade level. You can use this method to understand which brawls you need to upgrade.

These are the tips we can share about Brawl Stars. We have prepared more such guides for each aspect of the game, you may check them out as well. If you know how the mechanics work, you can play this fun game more efficiently and dominate the battlefields easily. Good luck and see you in the arenas!

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