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Brawl Stars Combat Guide: Winning tips for the Battlefield

Brawl Stars matches can turn into a real chaos if you don’t know what you are doing. Arenas may look cute, but they can be pretty deadly too! If you don’t follow some basic tactics, it will be quite difficult to win the matches (and survive). That’s why we prepared this guide. Below, you will find the tips and tactics about combat that will help you on the battlefield.

Brawl Stars Combat Guide: Winning tips for the Battlefield

Always Stay At The Middle

Your goal in Brawl Stars matches is not to kill the most enemies. Your goal is to collect the most number of gems. The gems are spawning around the “well” in the center of the map. Of course, you can get them by killing the players who carry gems, but this should be used as a “Hail Mary” tactic, as we’ll explain in detail in our tips and tricks guide. Therefore, your primary goal should be to control the spawn point at the middle of the map. The team controlling this point wins the match. So, don’t get excited and try to chase your opponents: Always try to stand near the spawn point.

Brawl Stars Combat Guide: Winning tips for the Battlefield

If you are playing as a team, take on different roles: The tank should always stand near the spawn point and be protected by the healer. Damage dealers should keep their opponents constantly engaged. Make sure the opponent’s attention is on the damage dealer. By using a tactic called “kiting”, you can keep the opposing players away from the spawn point. You have to use ranged damage dealers for this strategy. What you need to do is simple: Attack and evade. Make sure your opponent is following you. This is kind of a guerrilla tactic: Your goal is not to kill your opponent, but to make sure he is interested in you rather than the spawn point.

Brawl Stars Combat Guide: Winning tips for the Battlefield

We are kiting the enemy. If you are using a summoner brawler, you can kite two opponents at the same time.

Players who assume the task of kiting should not carry gems. Otherwise, if they die, they give the gems to the enemy team. In short, you need two things to handle this tactic:

  • Tank and healer wait near the spawn point. Tank collects all the gems and healer supports him.
  • Damage dealer doesn’t collect any gems. He keeps the opponents busy by kiting them.

If you don’t play against a professional team, this tactic will work every time. Keep in mind that professional players will not fall into this trap and attack the healer first and then eliminate the damage dealer second. If that happens, this means you’ve found a “real” opponent, and you must move to advanced tactics.

Take Shelter But Not Every Shelter

LOS is the abbreviation of “line of sight” and it is also the most valuable strategy you can use on the battlefield. Because the name of the game contains “brawl”, you may think that you have to fight constantly, but this is not true at all. Sometimes, “hiding” is the key to victory. Brawls Stars maps have many objects that can be used as shelters: Stone walls and Wooden drums.

Brawl Stars Combat Guide: Winning tips for the Battlefield

In this screenshot, we are hiding behind the stone wall. Enemies can see us, but they can’t hurt us – the wall will prevent its attacks.

Using LOS mechanics is also important in terms of the kiting tactic we have explained above. Theoretically, as long as you put a stone wall between you, you can kite an opponent forever! But what you need to be aware of here is that not every shelter is suitable for using the LOS tactic. Wooden shelters, such as barrels, are easily destroyed after several attacks.

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Brawl Stars Combat Guide: Winning tips for the Battlefield

Don’t stand behind them for a long time, they will soon be shattered.

If you want to use the kiting tactic, try always to put a stone wall between you and your opponent. You can also hide behind a wall when your health decreases: Your reduced health will begin to renew itself in a matter of seconds.

Don’t Stand In Fire

MMORPG players have a well-known term: Don’t stand in fire!. This goes for the Brawl Stars arenas too. The skills of some brawlers fall into the AOE (area of effect) category and create a “danger zone” on the ground. If you stay in this area, your character constantly takes damage. After a while, you die.

Brawl Stars Combat Guide: Winning tips for the Battlefield

The ground is on fire. Stay away from it.

Due to adrenaline during combat, you may miss out on such dangerous areas. Make sure you are constantly moving to avoid being affected by such zones. However, you can use these zones as a tactic too: Create a dangerous area around the spawn point and make sure no one else can go near it other than you. If you are trying to take control of a well, this will be a very useful strategy. Kiters also use this tactic: They “pollute” the route you will use to track them, causing you to suffer continuously and regularly. You can use this tactic too.

Always Stay On The Move

No matter what role you take, never be stationary. Any player standing still is a target, and worse, a fixed target. If you are a damage dealer, you must be constantly on the move and visit every corner of the map.

Brawl Stars Combat Guide: Winning tips for the Battlefield

We try to kite away three opponents from the spawn point. Note that our teammates are using LOS mechanics and hiding behind a wall. They will collect the gems as soon as we clear the area.

Even if you are a tank or a healer, you should not standstill. Don’t go too far around the spawn point but make sure you don’t always stand at the same point too. The LOS mechanics are perfectly suited for this tactic: Tanks and healers must find a wall they can hide behind and close to the spawn point. By doing that, they can stay in motion continuously within this limited area. Using the BlueStacks keymap tool, you can specify a control scheme that will allow you to move more easily.

These are the most important combat tips you need to know. With these few tactics, you can be much more effective on the battlefield. If you are looking for more tips, don’t forget to read our Tips Tricks guide for Brawl Stars. Now, if you allow us, we have matches to win and we are going back to playing. Good luck to you all!

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