Crush Your Enemies Easily By Customizing Brawl Stars Controls on BlueStacks

Crush Your Enemies Easily By Customizing Brawl...

In our Brawl Stars review guide, we mentioned in detail what the default controls are for the game. You use the D-Pad at the left side of the screen to move, and the buttons on the right side to fire. In fact, all BlueStacks users now can use their Gamepads to play Android Games on PC. Check out the set-up guide for gamepad integration here!

By default, BlueStacks uses the WASD key combination for movement controls. To shoot, you can use the left and right buttons of your mouse. But you don’t have to use this standard key setup: Thanks to BlueStacks keymapping tool, you can play the game with any keys you want. In this article, we will tell how you can do this and give some examples. Let’s start brawling!

The Default Controls

After launching Brawl Stars, open the “game controls” screen by clicking the keyboard icon in the lower right corner of the interface. You’ll see what the default controls are. BlueStacks 4 offers a very practical control scheme for beginners: You are using the WASD keys to move. You can use the left mouse button for normal attacks and E key for super attacks. If you press Space, you will automatically fire the nearest enemy.

This is a familiar and easy-to-use key setup. However, if you have a competitive game style and want to copy the keys you use in other MOBA games, you can easily do that.  To change the key setup, start by clicking the “Edit” button which can be seen in the screenshot above.

Play Brawl Stars on BlueStacks

We assigned the super attack to the Shift key. You can assign any key to any function. Click inside the box first, and then select the key you want to use.

Let’s share an example key setup that will allow you to get faster gameplay:

  • Assign the W-Key button to move forward.
  • Assign the Right Click to aim and shoot.
  • Assign the E-Key to super attack.

This key setup will allow you to use your mouse both for moving and attacking. So you can get very dynamic gameplay without using the keyboard and shorten your response time as much as possible. When you are done, do not forget to save your new control scheme.

Further Customization of Controls

With BlueStacks 4, you can do a lot more than just changing the movement and attack keys. If you are a keyboard player and want to use your mouse just for clicking, you can switch to a more convenient control scheme. For example, if you want to be able to click anywhere on the screen to do a super attack, you can do it easily. Start by clicking on the “advanced settings” in the game controls screen of BlueStacks.

Note the part we marked: This is a tap spot. By assigning a keyboard key here, you can complete an action with your keyboard, instead of a mouse. If you want, you can completely disable your mouse and play the game using only your keyboard.

BlueStacks 4 allows you to play Brawl Stars as you wish: No matter what type of controls you want to use, you can do it without any restrictions. In other words, with the BlueStacks keymapping tool, you can conquer arenas much more easily! If you have a BlueStacks hint that you want to share, be sure to pass it on to us in the comments section. See you in the game!

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