Events, Brawl Boxes, and Clubs: All Fine Features Of Brawl Stars

Events, Brawl Boxes, and Clubs: All Fine...

Brawl Stars is not just about arena fights: It contains a lot of social features and offers different game modes too. So if you think all you can do is collect gems, you’re wrong: Brawl Stars contains more than that. In this guide, we will talk about other features and modes in the game that will enhance your gameplay. When you finish reading, you’ll learn every feature that Brawl Stars has. If you’re ready, let’s start: We have a lot to talk about.

To make this easier for you, we have created a small Game Review video which will give you insights as well as recommendations about the game. Enjoy watching!

Events and Game Modes

In the main interface, look at the bottom of the screen: You will see a new event is organized every 24 hours.

Brawls Stars has a total of 5 event types. Two of these are different game modes. The rest are daily, private, and ticketed events. To see a list of all these, click the location we marked in the screenshot above.

Daily, special, and ticketed events are features designed for the end-game phase. You need to pick up different amounts of trophies to unlock them. You must collect at least 800 trophies to gain access to all events. You can do this by playing two different game modes. Each match you win in these modes allows you to win trophies in varying amounts. However, you also lose trophies for the matches you lost. So yes, each Brawl Stars match is actually a “ranked” match and the score directly affects your overall ranking.

You can see the total number of trophies you have on the profile screen.

If you manage to catch a win streak, it will take up to a week to collect 800 trophies. After unlocking all events, you can start strengthening your brawlers. This is an important tip: Do not focus on a specific brawler without collecting at least 800 trophies. Because when you reach this amount, you will gain access to new event types and you will be able to collect the resources required for the upgrade process faster. Therefore, we do not recommend that you start the brawler upgrades before you collect 800 trophies.

So, which game mode will allow you to collect 800 trophies in the fastest way? While the main game mode of Brawl Stars is 3v3 Gem Grab battles, there is an “other” mode too: Showdown. You can play this mode alone or with a teammate. This mode is actually simplified “Battle Royale” game and there are no gems to collect. All you have to do is be the last player to survive.

The map of this mode is larger but also covered with a cloud of poison, and that cloud is constantly shrinking and limiting the playing field. You have only one goal: Eliminate the other players. You get a “power cube” for every player you kill. (You can also win these cubes by breaking the crates scattered on the map.) Each cube increases your health and attack points. If you succeed to be the last remaining player, you are the winner.

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You can see the number of players left in the upper left corner.

It takes a long time to break these crates, but it’s worth it.

In general, we can say that Showdown mode offers faster-paced battles than the Gem Grab mode. At the beginning of the round, at least half of all players are eliminated immediately! Among the remaining players, a “skill-based” battle begins. We can say that this mode offers a more satisfying gaming experience, and each round takes a shorter time. Therefore, we think Showdown mode is more appropriate to reach the required number of trophies. In our Tips and Ticks guide, you will find some more useful recommendations for this mode. But of course, the decision is yours: Play the mode you like.

Brawl Boxes and “Big” Boxes

Even if you lose or win, you will earn varying amounts of tokens for each match you play. (Of course, the tokens you get from the matches you won will be more.) You can open a “brawl box” in every 100 tokens. These boxes include in-game currencies and materials that you can use to upgrade your characters. Sometimes you can even find rare brawlers.

But if you win “star tokens”, you can open a much more valuable box: Big Box. 10 star tokens are needed to open each box. To win star tokens, you must perform an outstanding performance in a match. Mostly, the player with the most number of kills is selected as the star player and gets the token. It is a pity that you cannot become the star player by collecting the most gems. In order to qualify for this title, you must be the most “chaotic” person on the battlefield. Rare brawlers come out of the big boxes. They are also sold in the in-game store but in this way, you can get them for free.

Join A Club Or Create One

If you find it hard to find teammates to play together, you can avoid this problem by joining a club. The Brawl Stars clubs have 100 members and you can find someone to play with at any time of the day.


If you wish, you can also set up your own club after reaching level 5. At the moment, clubs don’t have many functions other than bringing players together. However, in the future, we are sure that they will gain more functions. Right now, all you can do is fight for your club and try to place it at the top of the global rankings.

Now, you know more about the “other” features of Brawl Stars: You can enjoy the game more and create mayhem on battlefields easier! Don’t forget to read the other guides we have prepared about Brawl Stars, we tell you everything you need to know about this game. Good luck in the arenas!

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