Brawl Stars “Brawlers” Guide: How To Pick The Best Ones

Brawl Stars “Brawlers” Guide: How To Pick...

Brawl Stars contains 22 characters you can use to create chaos. Each of them has different abilities and can be used for a different purpose. So, what are the best ones? Which characters should be in your team? After reading this Brawlers guide, we are sure that you will be more effective on the battlefield. Let’s take a look at how to choose the best brawlers, shall we?

Brawler Stats & Basic Abilities

First, let’s open a brawler window and explain each feature in detail.

  1. Health: Shows the character’s health points. As you can imagine, the higher the better.
  2. Attack: Shows how much damage the character’s normal attack can cause. You should multiply this value by three to find the total damage value that the character can cause before reloading. Each brawler can use its normal attack three times before the reload.

  1. Super: Shows the super attack of the character and how much damage it inflicts. This is the most important part to consider – the brawlers are essentially separated from each other according to their super abilities.

  1. Star Power: Once the characters reach level 9, they can start using one more special skill: Star Power. The skills in this category are mostly passive and come out of the brawl boxes.

  1. Power Level: If you raise the level of your characters, all their stats will also increase. You need to use “power points” every time to increase a level. You can collect power points inside the brawl boxes. Each time, an extra 10 points will be required. For example, you need 20 points for the power level 2 increase. For power level 3, you must collect 30 points and so on.

  1. Rank: The rank is determined by the total number of matches won by your character. It automatically increases as you win matches. You earn 10 tokens for each 20 rank points. You can use these tokens to open brawl boxes.

So, What Do These Mean?

If you’re wondering what all these mean, we need to talk about the roles that brawlers can take. Brawl Stars may be an action game, but it still uses RPG mechanics. In other words, brawlers can take three basic roles: tank, healer, and damage dealer. Let’s first talk about these:

Tank: Their health points are high and attack points are low. They can survive longer. Brawl Stars calls these characters “heavyweight”.

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Healer: Their health and attack points are low. However, they can heal their teammates using their super abilities. They must be protected by the tank.

Damage Dealer: Their attack points are high and health points are low. If you want to give the most damage within a short period of time, you should choose the damage dealer class. They can be melee or ranged. Brawl Stars uses many different names for this category: Sharpshooter, Toxic assassin, Thrower… You can see if a character is ranged or melee by looking at its super skill.

You can also see how to unlock a specific character by looking at the top right corner of their portrait.

In the following table, you can see a list of all the brawlers according to the roles they can take:

TANK Bull, El Primo, Darryll, Frank,
HEALER Poco, Pam
MELEE DAMAGE DEALER Nita, Mortis, Tara, Crow, Leon
RANGED DAMAGE DEALER Shelly, Colt, Jessie, Brock, Dynamike, Bo, Barley, Ricochet, Penny, Piper, Spike

Picking The Best Brawlers

The most important point here is that there isn’t a brawler that is the “best” in everything. Each character addresses a different game style or team setup. You should choose the brawler that best suits your own style of play: If used correctly, each character has the potential to bring you victory. Weare making our recommendations based on two different game styles:

For Solo Play

If you’re playing on your own, the brawlers who would be able to summon a pet would be the best choice. This type of characters does not have a super attack skill that they can actively use. Instead, they are able to summon a pet into the battlefield. You cannot control this pet directly – it automatically attacks the nearest enemy. In other words, you are becoming an army of two! The best choice in this category is Nita: You can unlock her at the beginning of the game and she can summon a bear that has 4.000 health points and inflicts 400 damage per attack. If you want to create chaos on the battlefield on your own, Nita will be your best choice.

For Team Play

If you are playing as a team with your friends, then you need to pay attention to the role distributions explained above. Each team can have 3 brawlers and each must play a different role. Therefore, choose one tank, one healer, and one damage dealer. We recommend that you choose the brawlers closest to your style of play, but our recommendations are:

Bull is the best tank you can get at the beginning of the game. It is enough to collect 250 trophies in order to unlock him. Bull will be more than enough until you get access to higher-level tanks like El Primo.

We recommend that you choose brock as the ranged damage dealer. As we’ll explain in the guide we prepared about the battle system, this type of brawlers can be used for “kiting” tactics. In this context, Brock is one of the best ranged damage dealers that you can start using in a short time.

The first healer to unlock will be Poco. You have to use Poco until you can use Pam.

Keep in mind that these are just our recommendations: you have to choose a brawler based on your style of play and personal skills. For example, if you do not have “fast fingers”, a tank may be more suitable for you. Or, if you trust your hand-eye coordination, you can choose a melee damage dealer. Remember that there is no such thing as the “best” choice: Each brawler is best at a different thing. We give more details in our other guides about game styles and their impact on the battlefield, so don’t forget to read them too. See you in the arenas!

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