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Benefits of playing Clash Royale on PC with BlueStacks

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There are several benefits of playing Clash Royale on your PC with BlueStacks at times rather than your phone.

No Phone Call Disturbances

How many of you have been in a gruesome battle with an opponent and all of a sudden your annoying friend calls repeatedly and interrupts those vital seconds needed to lay down forces? Personally if I noticed a player has left the game before we have started I will not play and wait to see if they return. I rather an honorable draw than an uncontested win. If we are in the midst of playing and they exit then I would be forced to succeed. Playing Clash Royale on BlueStacks does not present these issues as you’re playing on your laptop or PC. Ideal for the competitive Clash gamer, thus offering more perks such as no longer worrying about battery life, a larger screen real estate to see and this is perfect segue to a few more mentioned below.

Watch Live Streams & Tournaments

Benefits of playing Clash Royale on PC with BlueStacks

True, you can watch streams from any arena directly within the game from the TV Royale section located in the Battle tab. However, there are some extreme players who host their own tourneys on Twitch. The major differences in watching gameplay only via the app versus someone live is you often get to see them via webcam and listen to their commentary explaining their strategies as they play. Additionally, the comments section can get zanny and entertaining.

Stream to Twitch

One might argue the above can be done on a tablet without the above hindrances, however, this next feature is exclusive to BlueStacks TV… live streaming any app or game to Twitch! In just a few clicks and avoiding all the wires and techno jazz needed to stream on mobile- you can easily broadcast your Clash Royale gaming just like the pros. Here’s a quick guide to setup.

Background Filters

Another exclusive feature to BlueStacks TV is the ability to have and change background filters to suit your Clash theme while live streaming. As seen in the video above you can spice up your backgrounds with animated graphics from various arenas, have chat overlays, and toggle your webcam. No more cumbersome the tutorials showing how to customize your live stream backgrounds… with BlueStacks TV Filters, we’ve taken care of all the hassle so you can focus on playing.

Faster Card Playing with Keymapping in BlueStacks

Using our Keymapping feature can allow you to play Clash Royale better with BlueStacks. With the right cards and setting it up properly it will allow you to place cards way faster, allow you to play on multiple sides at once and even allow selecting Emotes without sacrificing time.

Submit your Clash Royale deck for a chance to be featured on BlueStacks. Read our full review of Clash Royale. If you found this article helpful, link to us and share them with others. Have questions or concerns? Chime into the comments below!

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