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Clash Royale: Best Arena 4 Deck

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I’ve been grueling through Clash Royale for some time now and found it challenging to get through certain arenas without the proper deck. After researching only I found many Best Arena 4 Clash Royale Decks but somehow they didn’t work well for my style of play… aggressive. So I put together a deck that best works for me and getting through P.E.K.K.A.’s Playhouse… I call it the Swarm! Average Elixir Cost 4.4

Clash Royale: Best Arena 4 Deck

  • Barbarian Hut: elixir cost is the highest at 7. Try to position in back of the tower. When used in tandem with Goblin Hut early it sets up the swarm. Though a Fireball can diminish it or a Rocket can obliterate this.
  • Goblin Hut: a high elixir cost of 5. Try to position in back of the tower. A Fireball can seriously diminish it or a Rocket can obliterate this. Huts can also distract enemy if placed before the tower (something I do when the swarm is in effect or rear is full).
  • Spear Goblins: a small cost of only 3 elixir. Great for when the swarm happens, you can use them to stack up with those goblins already emerging from the hut.
  • Knight: in my opinion this sword wielder is one of the strongest ground melee cards of this arena to have- with a low elixir cost of 3 and delivers serious hit damage. Great combat against the Prince, most giants or the Witch up close.
  • Valkyrie: similar to the Knight she can deliver some damage when up close to ground opponents. She has a higher elixir cost of 4 but it’s worth it. She clears the floor of skeletons and does great against most ground fighters when close. I like to use her to lead a charge as well.
  • *Witch: elixir cost is higher at 5 but when you set her back from the action she flings some damage to enemies plus when she’s close to a tower she mostly focuses on it while her bony minions take the hits first. She’s also great at taking out flying enemy especially from a distance.
  • Barbarians: too have a higher cost of 5 elixir, they’re slow but deliver some damage to ground fighters as a swarm unit. They can knock out the Hog Rider near the tower relatively easy- even pushing him at times slightly away from the tower. A Fireball can be deadly to these guys however.
  • Fireball: elixir cost of 4 and great to stop a defensive advance that approaches your sweet swarm tactic before it forms or to Hail Mary a tower in the final seconds to clinch a victory.

*Baby Dragon can be swapped for the Witch if you have not unlocked this card yet.

How to use the Strategy:

It essentially swarms the enemy resulting in many 3 crown wins. If the Clash Royale gods favor you they will place the huts in the initial line up. If not, be patient and play defense until they align. It’s important to drop the huts on the same side as enemy advance so wait on their first move. See The Weaknesses section below to see how this strategy can fail. Since this is an expensive elixir deck the time waiting on replenishment is offset by those emerging from huts. While playing, you will want to offset every advance the opponent tries. In some cases this will leave your troops left over in order to send a strong advance with the swarm to back you up.

The Weaknesses:

There are caveats to all Clash Royale strategies. The most effective I’ve found against this one is if they immediately start opposite the swarm with a big guy like Giant Skeleton or Giant and backed by the Witch or Musketeer. Their swarmed tower can take the damage from the few fighters advancing initially while this leaves the other tower weak to defend. You will only have enough elixir to advance a strong defender such as the Knight or Valkyrie, however, the shooter in back of the giant will pick them off before they have enough time to stop the overgrown being. That combo can severely weaken a tower or take it easily.

Another weakness can happen in a bout with a tougher opponent with advanced cards and you need emergency defense when all left are huts. These can distract some fighters but they’ll only tear down your hut and advance on to an unprotected tower while you’re stuck waiting on elixir. Also if you do not get the huts early on it can pose a problem of setting up the strategy properly as it takes some time to setup the swarm.

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