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Beginner’s Guide for Clash Royale on PC – Win Your Matches With BlueStacks

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Clash Royale is an awesome—and very popular—strategy game that’s been around for quite a while now, in which players use cards to summon powerful characters on the field with the objective of destroying the enemy base. The game is played in short matches that, on average, last less than 5 minutes and involve intense, fast-paced strategy action as players mount their assaults and defend from the enemy onslaught. In a sense, this game is similar to MOBAs like Mobile Legends, especially due to the fact that players rush through multiple lanes with the ultimate objective of destroying the enemy’s King Tower.

Beginner’s Guide for Clash Royale on PC - Win Your Matches With BlueStacks

As we mentioned above, Clash Royale has been around for a while now, which makes us wonder why we haven’t gotten to writing about it yet. Nevertheless, we’re here to correct this today, starting by sharing a beginner’s guide with all the basic aspects you need to know about this strategy game.

If you’re looking to learn about everything related to Clash Royale on PC, then look no further.

Beginner’s Guide for Clash Royale on PC - Win Your Matches With BlueStacks

Battle Basics

Clash Royale is played in a match format in which, in normal mode, two players face off against each other in a battle for destroying the opposing player’s base. Each participant begins with two Crown Towers on each side of their field, which protect the King Tower from direct assaults. Before the player can rush the objective, they must, at the very least, destroy one of the defensive towers. However, every building in this game is manned by archers, which means that a direct assault would be suicide.

Beginner’s Guide for Clash Royale on PC - Win Your Matches With BlueStacks

The match is over once a player destroys the enemy’s King Tower. If both players are still alive by the moment the timer expires, the winner is is the player that scored the most points at the end of the match. Each Crown Tower grants one point, while destroying the enemy’s King Tower bumps the player’s score to the maximum of three points (since all the other towers are automatically destroyed once the King Tower has fallen). If players are tied in points, the match goes into a tiebreaker where their buildings rapidly lose health. If, still, both players suffer defeat at the same time after the tiebreaker, the match is then considered a draw.

In this strategy game, your units are represented by cards and manifest when you set them on the field. Each card has an elixir cost to summon, which is a resource that renews automatically over time, and that is shown on your UI as the purple bar on the bottom of your screen during a match. The player must correctly manage this vital resource in order to mount effective attacks, as well as to defend from the enemy counterattacks. In this sense, it’s never a good strategy to burn all your elixir on a single attack, especially if it’s not an effective assault, as you won’t have enough resources to defend yourself once the enemy retaliates. In fact, one of the most common ways to lose a match is by overextending your attack and not having enough resources nor cards to defend yourself.

Once summoned, your units march automatically down the closest lane towards the enemy base. Along the way, they will engage against all enemy units and continue walking if they survive. Similarly, once they reach a building such as a tower or the main structure, they will begin their assault. The player who manages to defeat the enemy base is the winner. Keep in mind that some units don’t engage against smaller enemies. Instead, they ignore them and march onwards until they reach a building and start attacking.

Beginner’s Guide for Clash Royale on PC - Win Your Matches With BlueStacks

Suffice to say, a keen understanding of what each card and unit can do, as well as a creative and cunning mind to devise powerful assaults and effective defenses, are key to winning in Clash Royale.

Expanding and Upgrading Your Deck

While your units in Clash Royale are represented by cards in your hand, these cards are drawn from your equipped deck during battle. In this sense, if you want to stand a chance against most enemies, you’ll need to create balanced decks that include a combination of defensive, offensive, and utility cards. And while you start off with a pretty basic deck with some standard cards, you can further specialize your setup by adding more cards to your lineup.

Beginner’s Guide for Clash Royale on PC - Win Your Matches With BlueStacks

New cards in Clash Royale are unlocked by obtaining them from chests which, in turn, are acquired from many different sources. These chests come in various levels of quality and are earned, among many others, as rewards for winning matches, from the store, or from the Arena. However, depending on their quality, chests take varying amounts of time to open. Moreover, a player can only have up to four chests waiting at any one time. If they continue to win matches while all slots are full, they won’t receive any chests.

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When opened, chests may contain the aforementioned cards, as well as gold and gems. In order to unlock new cards, you must obtain a single copy from these chests. However, in order to upgrade the existing cards in your deck, you must acquire multiple copies of the same unit, which are then sacrificed, alongside a payment in gold, to increase the corresponding unit’s level. For instance, in order to upgrade your Archers to level 3, you first need four Archer cards, and then will need to pay 20 gold in order to perform the upgrade.

Beginner’s Guide for Clash Royale on PC - Win Your Matches With BlueStacks

Whenever you purchase an upgrade for your cards, their stats will increase considerably. And while these upgrades are important since they will improve your performance in most aspects of the game, they are the most important for the Arena, where the brunt of competitive play in Clash Royale takes place.

Card Types

One final basic aspect about Clash Royale that you definitely need to know as a beginner is related to the different types of units in this game. Specifically, your characters in this game fall into three specific categories: Troops, Spells, and Buildings. Here’s a quick rundown of what each type of unit can do:

  • Troops: Your most basic type of card in the game. Once used, they summon specific units in the field, which march towards the enemy base. The preferred target will vary per unit as some characters will ignore enemies and march straight towards the enemy base, while others will prioritize enemy units before moving onto attacking the buildings.
  • Spells: The most varied type of card, which consists of spells that you can use to produce instant effects on the field. Some of these effects include strong AoE bursts of damage, powerful CC effects that can damage and slow enemy units, or even summoning spells that can create several units in the specified area.
  • Buildings: These cards consist of stationary buildings that, for their entire duration, can provide different effects. Some buildings can serve as mobile deploy points that spawn troops every few seconds. Others can function as turrets that can defend your lanes from enemy assaults. Keep in mind, however, that your buildings can be destroyed by the enemy if left unguarded.

Beginner’s Guide for Clash Royale on PC - Win Your Matches With BlueStacks

Matches in Clash Royale go by really quick, even at the beginning where players don’t even have strong cards to mount powerful offensives. In this sense, it’s important to familiarize yourself with your cards, learn what each can do, and adapt accordingly in combat in order to defeat your foes. It also pays to have a strategy in place that you can commit to so that you’re not always relying on the opponent making the first move and leaving yourself open for attack.

With the info we’ve shared in this beginner’s guide for Clash Royale, you’re more than ready to take the field and start your adventure in this awesome strategy game.

Good luck!

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