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Clash Royale on PC – The Best Tips and Tricks That You Definitely Need to Know

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Clash Royale is a complex strategy game with a large competitive scene around the globe. It sports a pronounced learning curve that players must learn if they want to stand a chance in PvP play. This curve comes in the form of the many cards that they must unlock and learn, which amount to almost 100 different units, spells, and buildings. Furthermore, each match is quick and chaotic and will take some getting used to in order to master the flow of combat.

Beginner’s Guide for Clash Royale on PC - Win Your Matches With BlueStacks

Luckily, we’ve already prepared a beginner’s guide for Clash Royale for those who are just starting with this game. If you’re new, we suggest starting there before moving onto this guide. However, even though the learning process is different for every player, here are five important tips and tricks that you might find useful in your journey for mastering the intricacies of Clash Royale:

Don’t Burn All Your Elixir in a Single Assault

The single most important mistake that anyone can make in Clash Royale is the wanton spending of elixir on reckless assaults, especially on attacks that don’t cause any damage and that are easily repelled by your opponent. If you burn all your resources on a single attack, you can bet that you’re going to be defenseless for at least 10 to 15 seconds, which is more than enough for your enemy to retaliate and take a tower.

Beginner’s Guide for Clash Royale on PC - Win Your Matches With BlueStacks

The first few seconds of a match is always a back and forth where you and your enemy test each others’ strategies by exchanging blows with low-level units. In this sense, it’s not a good idea to show your hand immediately. Instead, wait until you find a vulnerability that you can exploit for maximum damage with a well-placed powerful unit. In our case, our strongest unit that can deal the most damage when exploiting weaknesses is the Prince card.

Rotate Through Your Cards Effectively

At the beginning of the match, you will be dealt a random hand from your deck. And while your strategy might be quite powerful once certain conditions are met, it’s likely that you’ll require a certain setup before unleashing your full might. However, you’re at the mercy of the RNG gods when it comes to starting off strong, especially since you might not get the cards you need to mount a good offense, or to defend yourself from enemy attacks, for that matter. Luckily, if you don’t get the cards you want in the beginning, don’t sweat it; just stay calm and try to rotate your hand by placing down low-cost units.

Beginner’s Guide for Clash Royale on PC - Win Your Matches With BlueStacks

By engaging in controlled spending, you can force-shuffle your hand, while also keeping your enemy on his toes. For instance, if you have a hand with mostly spells and buildings, and with only one troop, consider putting down the latter first, and then maybe a building. In this sense, you not only shuffle your hand in a controlled manner, but you also keep your enemy on his guard as he needs to defend from your throwaway attacks. For best results, try to alternate the lanes in which you launch these seemingly random attacks in order to make the enemy scramble and to prevent them from mounting a dedicated assault.

Play Clash Royale on PC

This method will allow you to make time as you wait until you have the necessary cards to launch your true assault. Just remember; don’t overdo it and burn all your elixir on reshuffling as you won’t have enough to launch a coordinated assault and will be left defenseless while your resources regenerate.

Beginner’s Guide for Clash Royale on PC - Win Your Matches With BlueStacks

Remember to Upgrade Your Cards

As you begin to rack up victories in Clash Royale, you’ll be paired against stronger enemies from around the world, who likely have access to better and stronger cards than your previous opponents. In this sense, even if you have the best strategies, you’ll be defeated if you rely on weak cards that haven’t been upgraded. For this reason, in order to stay competitive, you must always keep your most powerful cards at their highest possible level.

Beginner’s Guide for Clash Royale on PC - Win Your Matches With BlueStacks

Remember that, in order to upgrade a card, you’ll need multiple copies of the same unit, as well as payment in gold in order to perform the upgrade. The higher the level of the card, the more copies and gold it will require to upgrade it to the next level. In turn, you can obtain gold, cards, and gems from the chests you acquire from winning matches.

Keep Your Deck Balanced

In our beginner’s guide for Clash Royale, we mentioned how there are three main categories of cards: Troops, Spells, and Buildings. However, even within the same category, there are different types of units. For instance, while both the Archers and the Prince cards fall into a similar category (Troops), they vary wildly in power and use. The former is used for pushing a tower alongside a tank, and their ranged attacks make them excellent anti-air units, while the latter is a single powerful unit that deals massive damage with its charge attack to the first enemy it encounters.

Beginner’s Guide for Clash Royale on PC - Win Your Matches With BlueStacks

In this sense, while each category of cards has their specific purposes, the differences between the various units in each category can bestow a degree of specialization within your deck. In this sense, it pays to have a nice, varied deck, with troops that can defend and push, and specialized units that can deal tons of damage when the time is right.

For instance, while your main pushing strategy, in the beginning, revolves around using the Giant, Knight, and Archers cards, a unit like the Prince can press the advantage and exploit vulnerabilities thanks to the massive single-target damage that it can unleash upon unprotected structures. If a Prince manages to land a blow against an unguarded tower, it can deal around 600 damage with its charge skill.

Beginner’s Guide for Clash Royale on PC - Win Your Matches With BlueStacks

A Good Control Scheme Goes a Long Way

While having a good strategy and a nice hand is important for winning in Clash Royale, you need to be able to execute it effectively if you want to steal the victory from your opponent. However, playing on your phone can sometimes work against you as touchscreen controls leave a lot to be desired in terms of precision. In some cases, a misclick or a wrong move can cost you the victory.

If you play Clash Royale on PC with BlueStacks, you will be able to use our Keymapping Tool to create a superior control scheme, in relation to regular touchscreen controls. Instead of clicking and dragging your units on the field, you can set keyboard shortcuts to every card. In this sense, while you can use your keyboard to select any card from your hand, you can preemptively move your cursor to the location where you wish to deploy it, and simply complete the action with a click. This style of gameplay allows you to deploy many more units in less time, and with greater precision, compared to playing on your phone.

Not to mention that playing on BlueStacks will also give you better performance, shorter loading times, and overall a better experience with Clash Royale, especially since you’ll be able to enjoy this strategy game on your large monitor instead of on your cramped phone screen.

When it comes to playing Clash Royale on PC, you really can’t go wrong than by playing on BlueStacks.

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