Giant Balloon Clash Royale deck causes mass desctruction

Giant Balloon Clash Royale deck causes mass...

In our Clash Royale Decks & Strategies guides we wanted to highlight the Giant + Balloon Push Deck causes mass destruction by Tarajunky .

Spear Goblins, Minions, Giant, Barbarians, Fireball, Elixir Collector, Arrows & Balloon

Elixir Cost: 4.1

Giant and balloon are the primary attack. Everything else is primarily defense. At the beginning of the match you drop Elixir Collector (best), or Goblins (still good), or Minions (meh…) as a delaying tactic. You want the opponent to commit first. Then you defend and get try to build up an elixir advantage. At the one minute mark its very hard to race against this deck because with elixir collector and double elixir you can drop a lot of beef fast.

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