How to Play Clash Royale better with BlueStacks

How to Play Clash Royale better with...

Previously I wrote a guide of 4 awesome benefits of playing Clash Royale on your PC with BlueStacks versus your phone. And now I’m adding a fifth epic reason… using Keymapping to play Clash Royale better with BlueStacks. Read and watch on to see how!

Faster Card Playing with Keymapping in BlueStacks

In BlueStacks, we allow you to change predefined keymapping or create your own. This feature is found in the top right row of icons labeled “WASD”. Clicking it opens various controls to set: Tap, D-Pad, Swipe, Tilt and Zoom keys on the keyboard. Tap controls will be the focus of this tutorial. You will see predefined keys for Card Selection and Chat already mapped. For example, “Z” is card slot 1, “X” is card slot 2, “C” is card slot 3 and “V” is card slot 4. With the right cards and setting it up properly it will allow you to place cards way faster, allow you to play on multiple sides at once and even allow selecting Emotes without sacrificing time. There are some cards which are super advantageous with keymapping such as the Goblin Barrel, Miner, Freeze, X-Bow, Hog Rider, Fireball or Rocket.

How to Setup Keymapping for Clash Royale

It’s important to examine your cards in your deck to see typical actions you would like to do. Note: you cannot use numbers as mapped keys.

  1. Go to Cards tab and click the target icon to play a practice match to not lose real matches.
  2. Click WASD icon on the top right row of icons.
  3. Stay under Tap controls.
  4. Click on the arena where you would typically place a card to set the tap. Then click inside the circle and assign a key. Click anywhere outside that control to deselect.
    1. Notice the Edit button atop of it. Click it to open more editing features to Label the control.
  5. Rinse and repeat step 4 above for each key… just remember your keys when playing.

How to Setup Emotes Keymapping

Note: you cannot setup Emotes in practice mode but only in live battles. I would suggest accomplishing this in parts; the first part being:

  1. At the end of a game open keymapping and set a key for the icon to open Emotes.
  2. Then set keymapping for each Emote (this may require setup at the end of another game).
  3. As to not interfere with the predefined mapped keys “ZXCV” & “R”, I would suggest to not set mapped keys for the other gestures. It’s possible but the screen can get cluttered.

Read our full review of Clash Royale along with user submitted deck builds. If you found this article helpful, link to us and share them with others. Have questions or concerns? Chime into the comments below!

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