Miner + Goblin Barrel Push: Clash Royale Decks & Strategies

Miner + Goblin Barrel Push: Clash Royale...

In our Clash Royale Decks & Strategies guides we wanted to highlight the Miner + Goblin Barrel Push Deck by Dat Huynh. Here’s his awesome deck build and how to use it.

Miner, Lumberjack, Zap, Fireball, Spear Goblins, Goblins, Goblin Barrel, and Minions

Elixir Cost: 2.6

Note: You can replace Lumberjack or Fireball with Knight to tank or defend. This deck is pretty much self-explanatory, you go with Miner first, followed by Goblin Barrel (if you have at your disposal), Spear Goblins, Goblins or Minions. You can combine all of the little troops or use one of them and they will make a great amount of damage.

Zap and Fireball will take out any bunch of troops that get in the way of your fast attack… such as the Minion Horde.

The Lumberjack is used for a strong push or attack two sides or even defend (use it wisely).

When deploying troops to attack, look for any Elixir Collector that your opponent may use and attack on that side (you can also attack on both sides; use Miner and any kind of Goblin on the Collector side and use Lumberjack with any troops on the other side).

Remember, this deck is a low elixir deck so use it to your advantage, fast attacks are recommended and use a lot of troops to defend if necessary.

The only weakness to this deck is if the opponent has any small spells to destroy your “small army” and/or have Lavahound, but you should be able to defend any deck if you move fast and wisely because you can get to your Minions or Spear Goblins quickly.

Good luck using this deck!!

-Dat Huynh

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