Miner, Graveyard & Freeze Clash Royale Deck baits unsuspecting foes

Miner, Graveyard & Freeze Clash Royale Deck...

In our Clash Royale Decks & Strategies guides we wanted to highlight the Miner, Graveyard & Freeze Clash Royale push deck which can be very powerful against unsuspecting foes.

Miner, Graveyard, Freeze, The Log, Princess, Zap, Minion Horde & Skeleton Army

Elixir Cost: 3.5

This deck is sort of zap, arrow & log bait deck. The main push comes in the form of Miner, Graveyard and Freeze on the tower which is a powerful combo when used correctly to stop players. Defensive cards are mainly the Skeleton Army, The Log and Zap. You could play a defensive Freeze as well. Minion Horde and Princess can be used as cycle cards or for attacking or defensive cards. This deck is very powerful in double elixir timer as you can continuously cycle and push the deck.

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