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Royal Giant & Minions Combo Clash Royale Deck collects 3400+ trophies

In our Clash Royale Decks & Strategies guides we wanted to highlight the Royal Giant & Minions Combo Clash Royale push deck by EducaTd.

Royal Giant, Minions, Princess, Zap, Tesla, Barbarians, Globins, Fireball

Elixir Cost: 3.6

I’ve been using this deck for a while and I’m in the Legendary Arena with 3,400+ trophies at level 10. The total elixir cost is 3.6 which is cheap. In my view this deck is perfect as it can counter any attack strategy from an opponent, plus it’s very good at leading an attack with the Royal Giant and Minion combo.

Nowadays most of the people are using Lavahound in the Legendary Arena and I’ve defeated Lava users 90% of the time. As soon as they release Lava send Barbarians or Royal Giant to the other side of that it. Your opponent should spend some elixir to counter those barbs and can’t put most of their cards in back of lava. Never wait for lava to come at your side and defend- this way you will lose. Instead quickly attack from other side. As soon as lava enters your side, put Tesla out to attract lava towards it. Don’t waste other cards to attack that lava. Tesla is enough.. Behind the Lavahound, opponents will surely release some other card. Counter them with your Minions, or Princess or Fireball- judging opponent’s card. This way you can win over a lava user. 😉

Sparky has no strength against my deck! The opponent will typically use Sparky behind a Giant. Just put Tesla down to attract the Giant and as soon as Sparky enters your arena, Zap it and surround it with Barbarians.

Attacking Strategy

Use Royal Giant followed by Minions. If opponent puts down an Inferno Tower zap it if targeting the Royal Giant. If the Minions are in front it will attack the Inferno Tower. The Fireball is very good against Barbarians, Minion Horde and Three Musketeers. You can also Fireball and Zap the Wizard to kill it completely when near the opponent’s tower (dealing damage to the tower). It can also be used to kill the Princess adding some damage to the opponent’s tower. The Fireball is also very useful at last moment when just few hit point are left to destroy opponent’s tower.

The Royal Giant is very powerful and costs 6 elixir as it can hit the opponent’s tower from distance. Princess is useful against Fire Spirits spewing from the Furnace. She’s also useful against Minion Horde and Skeleton Army, her radius is very high thus she can attack opponent’s towers at a distance safely from the bridge. Zap is another powerful spell dealing damage and stunning Goblins, Sparky, Inferno Tower, Goblin Barrel, Skeleton Army, and Minion Horde. Barbarians are most powerful. For example, four Barbarians can take 3 Musketeers out. Barbarians kill Giants, P.E.K.K.A, Golem so fast (depending on their levels). They are the most defensive troops ever in my opinion. They can defend any ground troops easily and deals serious damage to an opponent’s tower as well if not countered. Goblins are mostly use to distract, easily catching the attention of the Prince, P.E.K.K.A, Musketeer and other troops from getting to your tower. They’re low cost yet can deliver some high damage. Tip: you can even send them behind the Royal Giant for best results. Tesla is the best defensive building as it can attack both air and ground troops, plus it’s very quick and continues to hide. 😉

Well that’s it. This is my own created deck. Everyone is welcome to use this deck as it contains only one Legendary card (the Princess) while all other cards are Normal cards. It’s Cheap… It’s Powerful. 😉

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