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A Guide to Achievements and Diamonds in Hay Day

Like many other free games out there, Hay Day also has its premium currency in the form of Diamonds. However, while some games offer unfair advantages to the players who invest real money to obtain the premium currency, Hay Day balances this out by offering minimum advantages, such as speeding things up, while the main use of diamonds is for buying cosmetic items for the farm.

A Guide to Achievements and Diamonds in Hay Day

With the right amount of diamonds, just about anyone can add their personal touch to their farms in Hay Day. However, if you have no desire to invest your hard-earned money on the game, how are you supposed to get your hands on some diamonds?

A Guide to Achievements and Diamonds in Hay Day

The answer is Achievements.

Achievements are the game’s way of tracking milestones that you have achieved throughout your gameplay sessions, such as selling X amount of money on the roadside shop, harvesting a specific number of veggies, completing a number of truck deliveries, and so on. Upon reaching these milestones, a ribbon icon will appear on top of the farmhouse. If you click on the ribbon, you will receive a prize corresponding to the achievements you’ve completed, which are usually XP and valuable diamonds.

A Guide to Achievements and Diamonds in Hay Day

In this sense, striving to complete achievements is a slow, but sure way of obtaining some premium currency for use in your farm.

About Achievements

While each achievement requires the player to fulfill different conditions, they share one thing in common: they come in three levels, each awarding better rewards than the last, and which are represented in ribbons of three colors. The first level of an achievement is represented by a green ribbon; the second level is represented by a blue ribbon; the third and last level is represented by a red ribbon.

A Guide to Achievements and Diamonds in Hay Day

The third level is the most difficult of the three to achieve and, understandably, gives the highest amount of XP and diamonds. The level 1 achievement usually gives 1 diamonds, while the level 2 frequently gives around 2 to 5 diamonds, and the level 3 gives from 3 to 10 diamonds.

A Guide to Achievements and Diamonds in Hay Day

Achievement List

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of achievements in Hay Day, so that you can view them comfortably here, instead of in the cumbersome in-game menu:

Achievement Requirement Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Beep Beep! Complete truck deliveries 20 500 2,000
Patronage Sell goods to visitors a # of times 8 200 2,500
Cha-Ching! Make money at your roadside shop 200 5,000 25,000
Stevedore Make coins in revenue loading boats 3,000 25,000 100,000
Egghead Collect a number of eggs 12 600 3,600
Got Milk? Collect a number of milk jugs 6 500 2,150
Baconator Collect a number of bacon strips 10 200 1,500
Sheep Shearer Collect a specific amount of wool 20 300 1,800
Goat Goader Collect a number of goat milk jugs 20 300 1,800
Hyper Harvester Harvest a number of fields within a time period 50 in 10 minutes 200 in 20 minutes 200 in 10 minutes
Turbo Trucker Deliver a number of orders in 30 minutes 10 20 30
Hyper Herder Collect animal products within a time period 30 in 45 minutes 60 in 45 minutes 60 in 30 minutes
Captain Load a number of consecutive boats 3 6 12
Citizen Kane Place a number of ads in the Daily Dirt 5 100 2,000
Farm Tycoon Build a number of production buildings 10 15 20
Dream Farm Invest a number of coins in decorating your farm 100 2,500 50,000
Fruit Farmer Pick an amount of fruits 12 600 3,600
Berry Picker Pick an amount of berries 10 200 2,150
Green Thumb Revive a number of fruit trees or berry bushes 20 500 2,000
Gold Miner Excavate a specified number of gold ores 5 100 2,000
Helter Smelter Produce a number of metal bars 8 400 3,800
Best Friends Buy a number of pets 2 4 6
Tasty Treats Feed your pets a number of times 10 400 3,800
Co-op Fill a number of crates for other players’ boat orders 10 75 500
Land Owner Expand your farm a number of times 3 7 17
High Roller Spin the wheel of fortune a number of consecutive days 7 14 28
Boat Score Hunter Achieve a number of boat leaderboard points 400 5,000 15,000
Sports Fisher Fish a number of fish 5 150 1,000
Big Game Fisher Catch the specified weight of fish 30 lbs 900 lbs 6,000lbs
Fish Farmer Expand the fishing area a number of times 2 4 6
Fisherman’s Friend Fish a number of consecutive days 7 14 28
Lobster Gourmand Harvest a number of lobster tails 5 50 500
Pool Party Have a number of simultaneous lobsters in the pool 2 4 6
Happy Town Visitors Serve a number of little people 10 100 2,000
Master of Service Build a number of service buildings 2 4 6
Town Explorer Expand the town a number of times 2 8 18
Duck Coiffeur Harvest a number of duck feathers 10 100 1,000
Beauty Salon Have a number of simultaneous ducks in the salon 2 4 6
Sweet Treat Harvest a number of honeycombs 15 300 4,500
All Abuzz Have a number of bees 3 6 12
Diligent Neighbor Collect a number of derby points 300 2,000 38,000
Taskmaster Complete a number of derby tasks 3 20 225
Derby Champ Participate in a number of Champions League derbies 3 15 40
Generous Neighbor Donate a number of items to your neighbors 60 450 4,000
Savannah Sanctuary Collect a number of animals in your sanctuary 2 4 6
Big Appetites Feed sanctuary animals a number of times 5 40 1,500
Bingo Bonanza Obtain a number of lines in the bingo derby 2 8 20
Savannah Babies Obtain a number of savannah babies in your sanctuary 2 4 6

Out of all these achievements, two of them give different rewards. The Generous Neighbor awards you with decorations for your house in each level, while the Derby Champ achievement gives you different trophies for each level. Furthermore, keep in mind that, as you complete achievements, your farmhouse will change in physical appearance, which will reflect the progress that you’ve currently made in the game.

For more reasons than one, the achievements are worth working for. With this list in hand, you can easily choose which ones to work towards, as well as keep track of the ones you’ve completed. Keep in mind that you can always consult these milestones by clicking on your farmhouse. This is great for keeping track of completed achievements but is horrible for tracking those that are in progress since the window is quite small, and the list of achievements is all the contrary.

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