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How to Make Money in Hay Day

Hay Day features adorable graphics, engaging farming mechanics, and a steady pacing that will keep you glued to your screen as you progress through its levels. The basic gist of the game revolves around sowing crops, feeding animals, and harvesting all sorts of produce from your many sources of production, in order to sell them and turn a profit.

How to Make Money in Hay Day

However, when it comes to making money, there is much more to do than simply selling the stuff you harvest or the goods that you produce. There are some hidden ways in which you can acquire special goods to sell in your roadside shop. Similarly, there are many ways in which you can boost your profits when it comes to sowing and harvesting.

How to Make Money in Hay Day

In this guide, we aim to illustrate some basic tasks that you can do in order to make money, as well as how to go about doing them the right way to optimize your profits.


Let’s start off with the most basic task, wheating. This is basically the first thing you learn after booting up the game; how to sow wheat, and how to harvest the crops once they’re ripe. However, when it comes to wheat, the profits to be made are not from the crops themselves, but from the rare drops, you get when harvesting them. You see, when you are harvesting any type of crops, there is a small chance that you might receive a rare item such as a screw, an axe, a saw, or others. In this sense, you should always aim to get rid of your wheat as soon as you harvest it, so you can make room for even more of these crops. If you can’t sell your wheat fast enough, it means that you might need to expand your roadside shop, put up some ads, lower the price per unit, or making the switch to another crop that might sell faster, like corn. The basic idea is that you have a constant stream of crops so you can harvest them for a chance at the rare drops. Wheat just happens to be the crop that grows the fastest, taking only 2 minutes after sowing for them to grow into crops that are ready for the harvest.

How to Make Money in Hay Day

As a general rule of thumb, you should be at a profit of around 6,000 gold per every 70 tiles of wheat you sow, along with 2,100 XP. In the beginning, you won’t be making this much. However, as soon as you reach level 7, which is only a couple of hours into the game, you will get access to the roadside shop, where you’ll be able to sell your excess wheat and begin the process of farming for rare drops.

Sowing And Harvesting Trees And Bushes

Due to your constant farming and harvesting of wheat and corn, it is very likely that you’ll pick up many, many saws. Saws aren’t worth much in the roadside shop since many farmers can easily get them simply by sowing and harvesting their crops. Axes, on the other hand, are rare, and you’re better off saving those for when you need them. Nevertheless, you’ll always have a surplus of saws that you won’t be able to get rid of.

How to Make Money in Hay Day

This where trees come in.

Every single tree and bush produce 13 fruits, regardless of type. They take some time to bear their produce, which is irrelevant once you have enough trees and bushes sowed to make them worth your while. However, the only limiting factor of using this method to make money is saws and axes, which you’ll need for cutting them down once they bear fruit. You see, after harvesting the trees and bushes, they are not removed, nor do they bear fruit again at a later time; they wilt, and stay there, occupying space. In order to remove them from your farm, and to make space for more trees, you will need — you guessed it — the trusty axes and saws that you picked up by wheating.

How to Make Money in Hay Day

How to Make Money in Hay Day

Once you have enough trees so that your surplus of axes and saws won’t be able to keep up, you’ll need to buy these tools from other players by using the workshop. These tools are usually worth around 500 gold per unit if you decide to go down the tree and bush route. In this sense, a tree profit example would go like this: A single cocoa tree yields 13 fruits, which are worth a total of 1,123 gold. A single saw used to cut down the tree once it’s wilted is worth around 54 gold. The cocoa tree, in turn, costs around 550 gold to plant. This means that 1,123 – 604 = 519 profit per saw. If you already have plenty of leftover saws, then you can remove that from the equation, and still be left with around 550 gold of profit just from wheating and planting trees.

This is pretty good if you ask us.

Use the Roadside Shop Properly

As we mentioned before, the roadside shop opens at level 7, which gives you access to the Hay Day market. That’s right, you can put anything you want on the roadside shop, and players will be able to view your items in their newspapers once you’ve advertised them.

How to Make Money in Hay Day

How to Make Money in Hay Day

However, despite how easy it is to set up a sale, there is an important factor you need to consider when peddling goods on the roadside shop; the selling price. As a general rule of thumb, you will always want to sell your goods at the max price in the shop. This will forfeit any experience you receive from the sale but will net you optimal profits per unit. However, keep in mind that, during certain events, it might be more profitable to participate in them, than to sell in the roadside shop. Some of these events include the truck or boat events, as well as the little people event.

If an event is going on, and you’re not sure if it’s profitable, you could always google and search on forums to be sure if it’s worth doing or not.

These tips, while not easy at the beginning, are the best methods to go about making your first million in Hay Day. Once you strike gold, you’ll notice that coins are not very important and that the endgame revolves around XP. We’ll talk about that on another occasion. For now, make sure you’re making tons of money with these tips!

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