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A Guide To Using Pets and Animals for Rare Drops in Hay Day

As you progress through the ranks of farmers in Hay Day, you will notice that coins are not that important and that, instead, rare items become much more essential to advance your farm. This is because, while coins can be steadily earned by participating in the game’s many activities, this is not the case for rare items and supplies. To get your hands on some of these rare items, you will have to actively strive towards them, and work your farm in a very specific way in order to earn them at a feasible pace.

A Guide To Using Pets and Animals for Rare Drops in Hay Day

Luckily, players have long since discovered how the underlying rare item and supply mechanic works in the game, and have developed many ways in which you may exploit it in order to obtain lots of these objects in the least amount of time possible. Myso, a user in the Supercell forums, explained how to obtain these rare items by using your pets and farm animals. This guide is based on this user’s observations and will attempt to simplify what they said in the original post.

How To Farm For Rare Drops

As we’ve mentioned in our previous “wheating” guide, most actions in this game increase an invisible counter that, when a certain number is reached, awards the player with a rare item or supply drop on the next action. This means that for every X amount of actions, a player will receive an item, with the “X” remaining a constant number assigned to each field, fruit, and berry in the game. In this sense, you will receive a rare item when harvesting a specified number of fields, when cutting down a number of trees, when picking up a number of animal products, and so on.

A Guide To Using Pets and Animals for Rare Drops in Hay Day

However, when it comes to animal products, instead of the counter being assigned to each individual product (collecting eggs, milking cows, milking goats, etc.), this number is shared between all animal actions. This means that every single action you perform on animals will add to the common counter, and will result in a rare item or supply drop once that specific number has been reached.

This cycle for pets and animals can be easily exploited to obtain a number of rare drops, considering that, while each product you collect from animals gives only 1 point towards the drop, interacting periodically with pets gives much more than that. These pets can give anywhere from +8 to +42 steps in the cycle per interaction, which varies by the type of animal. However, keep in mind that some farm animals like lobsters, bees, ducks, or fishing, in general, do not contribute towards the cycles.

A Guide To Using Pets and Animals for Rare Drops in Hay Day

On the following table, you may observe a list of pets, as well as the number of steps they add to the cycle:


Retriever 22
Pinscher 28
Hound 34
Bay Horse 30
Palomino 36
Pinto Horse 42
Andalusian 42
Tabby 26
Calico 32
Tuxedo 20
Provence Donkey 8
Andalusian Donkey 9
Anatolian Donkey 10
White Bunny 25
Fluffy Bunny


Using Pets to Your Advantage

As you can see, each and every pet, regardless of species and type, gives more than 1 point towards the counter. This means, when you interact with any of these animals, you will increase your counter by a specific number of steps, instead of the 1 step you advance when performing actions on farm animals.

In this sense, you need to first determine the number of steps in which you get a reward, according to your level. After learning about your number, you can start using pets to inch closer to your number, and then simply collect a few animal products to receive a rare drop.

We say that you need to inch closer to the number using pets because interacting with these animals don’t give drops, even if you go over the number. Instead, you will only get the rare drop by collecting an animal product after the counter has been maxed. For example, if the number for your level is 77, this means that you will get a drop for every 77th action. This means that, if you have a Pinto (+42) and a Bay Horse (+30), and interact with both (72 points), you’d only need to collect a total of 5 animal products to receive your drop. These products can be eggs, milk, goat milk, or bacon, among others; the type of product is irrelevant, as they all add to the same counter.

Counting Steps

Sadly, there’s no way around this; if you want to optimize your rare drops, you will need to learn how to count steps. Of course, this is by no means necessary to progress in the game. It is, however, the most efficient way to progress in the game, and an amazing way to collect rare items, which you can then sell to other farmers, or donate to your friends to help with their farm.

A Guide To Using Pets and Animals for Rare Drops in Hay Day

A Guide To Using Pets and Animals for Rare Drops in Hay Day

If you have plenty of pets and don’t want to fret about counting steps, then you could simply adopt a pattern of:

Pet > Collect > Pet > Collect

You could repeat this pattern until you get a rare drop, and use the table we supplied above to count the number of steps it took for you to get a drop, and then aim to recreate the process each time you want another one. Otherwise, the ideal way to farm for these supplies is by aiming as close as possible to the number by interacting with pets and then collecting one or two products to reach the number and get a drop.

However, make sure to have space in your barn at all times. Otherwise, you won’t get any drops, and the game will NOT notify you of the reason.

Have fun counting!

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