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“Wheating” Optimally in Hay Day

Wheating is a term used in Hay Day to refer to the act of sowing and harvesting wheat, which is one of the game’s crops. Wheat is the easiest crop to grow; it takes only 2 minutes to sow and reap a batch of wheat, making it also the fastest crop to grow. This will be important later on since the versatility and speed at which this crop can be grown will help to gather materials and supplies in the advanced stages of the game.

“Wheating” Optimally in Hay Day

In the beginning, Hay Day often revolves around simply sowing and harvesting crops, and completing board missions to earn XP and much-needed coins. However, as you progress, you’ll notice that coins are always in surplus, while other materials are scarce. You’ll always need rare drops such as screws, wood panels, duct tape, planks, and nails to upgrade your storage container and barn, as well as explosives, axes, and shovels to clear your field and make space for more buildings. However, there is no specific method to procure these tools, other than purchasing them through the newspaper, which can be very expensive.

This is where “wheating” comes in.

The Importance of Wheating

Every item you collect in Hay Day has a chance to generate one random item every once in a while. This system can be exploited by sowing crops en masse and harvesting them as soon as they’re ready. For the reasons mentioned above, wheat is, by far, the best type of crop to use in this endeavor. Hence, wheating is the process of planting and harvesting as much of this crop as you possibly can, within the shortest period of time.

The math behind how many tiles of crops you must harvest before receiving a rare drop is complicated, and varies from crop to crop. However, if you sow and harvest wheat exclusively, you’ll receive a supply drop once every 68 harvests. At the beginning, you’ll receive these drops every once in a while, since you’ll be limited to only 12 or 15 tiles per harvest. However, as you increase your tiles, you’ll be getting these rare drops in no time. Once you get around 30 tiles, you’ll get a rare drop every 6 minutes!

“Wheating” Optimally in Hay Day


You don’t actually need anything in order to start wheating. Heck, you can do so from the very beginning without the need to purchase anything else. However, shortly after you begin the process, you’ll notice that your silo will fill up with wheat, and fast. In order to brave the avalanche of wheat that you’ll create in your farm, you’ll need to prepare your silo in advance.

In fact, the very first thing you should do as soon as you get some rare drops is to upgrade your silo. Forget about the barn for now; if your silo fills up with wheat, then you will have some downtime on your wheating until you can make more space. If your barn is full, and you’re not close to upgrading your silo, then consider selling some barn goods on the roadside shop in order to continue the production of your other goods while you’re wheating.

“Wheating” Optimally in Hay Day

“Wheating” Optimally in Hay Day

That being said, as soon as you begin, try to expand your silo to at least 600 capacity.

Lastly, a very important requirement: it is imperative that you have sufficient space in your barn, If you don’t, you won’t get a rare or supply drop from wheating. There are no warnings, no notices, nothing. If you don’t have space, you won’t get a drop, ever. You can’t imagine how easy it is to forget about this, and begin wheating, only to find that you’re not getting the drops, and not knowing why.

Getting Rid of Surplus Wheat

As you may imagine, as a wheater, you’ll constantly be struggling with silo space due to excess wheat. Luckily, there are several methods by which you can get rid of this product.

  • Through the Roadside Shop: This will be the main form in which you will get rid of excess wheat. The idea here is to sell as quickly as possible, not to make money. In this sense, be sure to sell each stack of 10 wheat for 1 coin. This will ensure that other players will swipe them as soon as they pop up on their newspapers. However, the success of this method will also depend on how many friends you have, as adding friends will increase the slots in your roadside shop.
  • Through Little People: Every once a while, some people might wander into your farm to buy goods. These people are referred to, in the online community, as little people. They pop up looking to buy seemingly random goods that you have in stock. However, despite their random request, they can actually be manipulated into buying the goods you want to get rid of. We’ll talk about how to manipulate them further down.
  • Using It as Raw Materials: Another way for you to get rid of excess wheat is by using it to create other stuff. Use your wheat to create things like chicken feed, bread, eggs, and popcorn.

“Wheating” Optimally in Hay Day

“Wheating” Optimally in Hay Day

Manipulating the Little People

Selling items to little people is a great way to get rid of unwanted goods that are jamming up your storage.

“Wheating” Optimally in Hay Day

The first you’ll want to do in order to get them to ask for wheat is to have at least one of each crop, fruit, and berry. Furthermore, make sure that wheat is your most common crop, followed by corn. This will make the little people ask for wheat mostly, and sometimes corn.

The same applies to your barn goods. By having at least 1 of each good, and lots of others, it will ensure that little people only ask for your most common good, followed by the second most common. It’s important that you have at least 1 of each product since these pesky shoppers tend to ask for products you DON’T have.

Moreover, once the shoppers swing by, they’ll ask for roughly 30 to 60% of your stock of the good they’re shopping for. This means that, if you have 100 wheat, they’ll ask for 30 to 60 units of the produce. This is very important for the late stages of the game where you’ll have to juggle around 400 units of wheat at all times, and the little people can simply swing by and take 250 units off of your hands in an instant.

Becoming a wheater can be an uphill battle at the beginning. However, if you keep at it for long enough to upgrade your barn and silo, then you’ll be swimming in rare materials and supplies. The process gets even faster once you have access to more fields so that you can sow more wheat at once. Before long, you’ll become a wheat tycoon ready to take the world by storm!

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