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Ability Haste in League of Legends: Wild Rift Explained

In patch 1.1 of League of Legends: Wild Rift, Riot Games removed cooldown reduction and introduced ‘Ability Haste’ instead. Riot took this step to make Wild Rift similar to League of Legends PC, where they introduced the same concept of Ability Haste a few updates ago. Moreover, the 40% cooldown reduction cap has been removed from both League of Legends Wild Rift and League PC. In this roundup, we will talk about the new Ability Haste in further detail.

Ability Haste in League of Legends: Wild Rift Explained

What is Ability Haste?

Ability Haste (also abbreviated as AH) is a statistic in League of Legends PC and Wild Rift, which reduces the cooldown on the abilities, or the amount of time an ability can be used again by a particular champion in the game. Ability Haste can be granted by:

  • In-game items
  • Blue Buff (Blue Sentinel)
  • In-game runes (Hunter-Genius)

The basic formula to calculate Ability Haste – Base Cooldown x 100 + (AH+100). Also, Ability Haste comes into play when the ability is activated. Note that, increasing or decreasing ability haste while the skill is on cooldown will not affect the cooldown. Ability Haste affects various cooldown, such as:

  • Champion Ability Cooldown – Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab
  • Item Cooldown – Guardian Angel or Quicksilver Enchant
  • Summoner Spells – Cooldown time for summoner spells like Flash

But, this Ability Haste does not apply on:

  • Static Cooldown – Blitzcrank’s Passive ‘Mana Barrier,’ or any other champion passive
  • On-target Cooldown – Jarvan IV’s ability ‘Martial Cadence’
  • Interrupted Duration – Garen’s Passive ‘Perseverance’

More about Ability Haste

In simple words, Ability Haste is like attack speed for spells. Just like more attack speed leads to more auto-attack in a short time, in a much similar way, more Ability Haste means you can cast your champion’s abilities more often in a shorter time. As calculated by several League of Legends pros, here’s the relation between Ability Haste and Cooldown Reduction.

Ability Haste Equivalent Cooldown Reduction
10 9% CDR
20 17% CDR
30 23% CDR
40 29% CDR
50 33% CDR
60 37% CDR
70 41% CDR
80 44% CDR
90 47% CDR
100 50% CDR

However, don’t forget that it’s tough to reach that mark of 100 Ability Haste unless you make the right combination with your runes, in-game items, blue buff, buffs from the dragon, and so on.

How much Ability Haste can You have?

As per Riot, you can have as much Ability Haste in your build as possible. If you can somehow manage to get 100 Ability Haste, you will get a 50% cooldown reduction which is insane and wasn’t possible in the older versions of the game (max 40% CDR). Now, the question arises that is, how do I get to 100 Ability Haste?

Well, it’s quite challenging to reach 200 Ability Haste. Most of the items in the game right now have Ability Haste ranging between 15 and 20 AH. However, there are a few items with 25 or 30 Ability Haste. As mentioned above, with the right combination, you can reach close to 200 Ability Haste in the game, which is equivalent to 66.7% cooldown reduction.

Ability Haste – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Ability Haste better than Cooldown Reduction?

  • Yes, it is as you can reach a cap of 66.7% CDR with Ability Haste which was not possible previously.

2. Which in-game elements will not be affected by Ability Haste?

  • Static cooldown, on-target cooldown, and passive duration for most champions will not be affected by Ability Haste.

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