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League of Legends: Wild Rift Champion Guide – Diana, Scorn of the Moon

Diana is an Ability Power damage based Assassin champion in League of Legends: Wild Rift, which is generally played in Middle Lane or the Jungle. Her passive ability ‘Moonsilver Blade’ grants her bonus attack speed, which is further increased after she casts ability. Diana’s first ability ‘Crescent Strike’ afflicts enemies with Moonlight and reveals them for three seconds. Her first ability also deals magic damage in an arc before expanding.

Her other abilities include Pale Cascade (temporary shield) and Lunar Rush (a small dash.) Diana’s ultimate, ‘Moonfall’ reveals and draws in nearby enemies towards her location while dealing damage and slowing them down for 2 seconds.

Ability Order (for Mid Lane):

  1. Moonsilver Blade – Level 1/4/6/8
  2. Pale Cascade – Level 3/7/9/10
  3. Lunar Rush – Level 2/12/13/14
  4. Moonfall – 5/11/15

Ability Order (for Jungle):

  1. Moonsilver Blade – Level 2/12/13/14
  2. Pale Cascade – Level 1/4/6/8
  3. Lunar Rush – Level 3/7/9/10
  4. Moonfall – 5/11/15

Strengths: Due to her flexible kit, Diana can be played in the Jungle role as well. (Slightly slow jungle-clear in the early game) She can crowd control the enemy team with her ultimate ‘Moonfall’ and can do a decent amount of damage with her second skill ‘Pale Cascade’ in team fights. She can literally one-shot squishy champions in the late game.

Weakness: The only drawback of Diana is that once you’ve used all the abilities in her kit, she becomes like a sitting duck waiting to be killed. She can be easily countered by building magic resists.

You need 5500 blue motes or 725 wild cores to purchase Diana.

Recommended Keystones and Summoner Spells with Diana

Summoner Spells: Flash + Ignite or Barrier/Exhaust (in Mid Lane) and Flash + Smite (in Jungle)

Keystones (for Mid Lane):

  1. Conqueror Setup: Conqueror + Brutal + Regeneration + Manaflowband
  2. Electrocute Setup: Electrocute + Gathering Storm + Regeneration + Hunter-Genius

Keystones (for Jungle):

  1. Conqueror Setup: Conqueror + Brutal + Regeneration + Mastermind
  2. Electrocute Setup: Electrocute + Gathering Storm + Regeneration + Mastermind

Item Build

  1. Standard Build: Luden’s Echo > Lich Bane > Ionian Stasis > Infinity Orb > Rabadon’s Deathcap > Void Staff
  2. Tanky Build: Rod of Ages > Lich Bane > Ionian Stasis > Rabadon’s Deathcap > Liandry’s Torment > Void Staff
  3. Attack Speed Build: Nashor’s Tooth > Lich Bane > Ionian Stasis > Rabadon’s Deathcap > Rylai’s Crystal Scepter > Void Staff
  4. Anti-Heal Build: Luden’s Echo > Lich Bane > Ionian Stasis > Morellonomicon > Rabadon’s Deathcap > Void Staff

Diana Counters

  1. Strong Against: Diana counters champions that have low defense and low mobility in the early game like Ziggs, Zed, Sona, Nami, and Twisted Fate. Diana can one-shot marksmen in the late game that makes her extremely good against them.
  2. Weak Against: Diana is weak against champions that have high mobility or some CC (stun or silence) in their kits like Garen, Camille, Jax, and Fiora. It’s really easy to play around the cooldowns of a champion like Diana.

How Good is Diana in Wild Rift?

Diana will be the first bruiser sort of Ability Power damage champion in LoL Wild Rift. Because of the shield in her second ability, she got decent sustain and tank-iness in her kit that can help her withstand the burst of assassins like Zed, Fizz, and Ahri. So, she’ll do well against all the present mid lane champions in the game. The diversity in her kit makes her an ‘A’ tier champion if not ‘S’ tier.

LoL Wild Rift: Diana – FAQ’s

1. Can Diana be played in any other lanes?

Yes, Diana can also be played in Baron Lane. While playing her in the ‘Jungle’ role, the early game will be a struggle because of the slow jungle clear of Diana.

2. Can I build full tank build on Diana?

No, it’s not recommended. However, you can try out any of the four builds given above with Diana.

3. What are the core items on Diana?

Lich Bane, Ionian Statis (or any other Statis Enchant), and Rabadon’s Deathcap.

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